How Can I Be Holy ?

 Often these questions are asked, and for a while I have always thought to answer them with;

“Just pray that you can be like Jesus. It’s that simple!”

Wanting to be like Jesus is okay, but we must understand HOW we are to go about being holy, like Jesus. Only then can we accept all that is required of us without feeling burdened and discouraged because we are ‘never good enough’.

In 1 Peter 1:15 it says “But as He who called you is holy, also be holy in all your conduct.”

Number 1: Always remember, God never asks anything of us without providing the means to do it.

Surely there is something that He has provided for us, that we might be holy in all our conduct.

That something is His grace.

Grace is…

  1. The unmerited love and favour of God
  2. The influence of the Spirit, in renewing the heart and restraining from sin (Webster, 1828)
  3. Romans 5:17– Christ giving His life for us
  4. Romans 11: 6– You cannot work for it– A gift

 Consider this quote from the book ‘Christ’s object lessons’ p.102,

“The grace of Christ is to control the temper and the voice. Its working will be seen in politeness and tender regard shown by brother for brother, in kind, encouraging words.”

The author has listed a few properties that can be associated with a holy conduct; a controlled temper and voice, politeness and a tender regard for man. However the writer does not leave us with these properties alone, she adds the grace of Christ as to actuate these properties in our lives.

In light of grace being Christ’s free gift to us (giving His life for you and me),  let us see if we can apply this meaning to our God-given command to be holy in all our conduct.

 The Spirit of God influences us to act in a certain way which is pleasing to God (renewing the heart and restraining from sin).  The power of Christ’s free gift compels us to be holy in all our conduct; therefore,  grace is the  only means which is provided for us, by God,  to carry out God’s command in 1 Peter 1:15.

Grace is something that we cannot work for, but something that is received freely.  Claim the promise in Mark 11:24– when we believe in what we might receive from God, we WILL receive it!

God is not slack concerning His promises. I believe in the power of His grace (the influence of the Spirit, in renewing my heart and restraining me from sin) to calm my temper and allow my tongue to speak encouragement, thus being holy in all my conduct.

Seek God daily through His word.hat He will to you. The Holy Spirit is amazing at bringing things into light.

*challenge*  study the scriptures and experience through the inspired word, the theme of grace and its meaning for you personally.


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