Pr-September Preparation






This motivational poster has helped me through my previous and current years of study. I love writing things down, so collecting all the quotes and doing my research was really fun!

This is simply an inspirational template.

Its super simple to create one according to your preferred need. I has just ended my gap year in education and was about to do a one year intensive course at college, I needed to pull my socks up.

I used four books for my poster, the links will be displayed beneath the images.





These books can also be found in any CLC bookshop / Christian bookstore. You can also find them on Amazon, Ebay or Abebooks

So why not consider you fave reads, or maybe write down some advice you have never forgotten and stick it on a ‘post it’. Perhaps you could create a small notice wall, full of necessary prompts to help you at work or school or college etc.

Let your imagination do its work!


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