Re-charge, Re-evaluate, Re-organize.

Disclaimer: This article is subject to personal experience and therefore personal application is necessary.  I can only refer to my own life and its need for a change of direction. You may be experiencing something that you just can’t get to grips with; I hope this article will help you take that .step forward toward change, thus getting your life back on track.

By Re-charge, I mean to ‘power yourself up’ with the power available to you through JESUS CHRIST only. Consider the chosen two (of about a million other) bible promises.

  • Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through CHIRST who strengthens me”
  • Philippians 2:13 “God is the one who enables you both to want and to actually live out his good purposes” (Common English Bible)

The fact you are reading this shows that you have at least the desire to change and rearrange some things in your life, however, it is only when you ask for the Help of Heaven, can you fully receive the power to actually change.

Just like a phone battery needs charging, we do too. We can do this by prayer (and fasting and bible study), and lots of it!

  • Claim the promises of God
  • Pray without ceasing and make your requests known to God, that by believing in His ability to grant them to you; you shall receive.

I urge you, before you go about trying to make decisions for your new/different steps, consult God who already has your steps ordered!

Not sure what to say exactly?

The problem I had before I took the steps outlined in this article was that I couldn’t decide WHAT to do out of the one thousand choices I had, and I didn’t know WHEN I should do them. I had a combination of home, church and work related tasks and I was losing out on every single one because I could give my all.

When you Re-evaluate your life’s desires, priorities and goals, you should find that there becomes a clearer ranking of ‘to-do’s’.  Why not go back to the drawing board?

What I do is make a list (I love lists) of:-

  • What I usually do on an average day (e.g. Cook, browse social media, uni etc.)
  • Decide what I honestly need and what I want to do from that list (I need food, I don’t need to spend 3 hours scrolling my Instagram)
  • Add on ‘any other business’ (Attend a one off meeting or time for one off activities)
  • After this list is made, probably looking like a messy but organised map of my life, I can then judge what I need to reduce, delete and re-arrange. This is why it is so important to pray about your decisions because there may be certain things God needs you to delete but you only decide to reduce; in my experience this has only caused a swift and easy fall-back.

It’s all about your priorities.  Consider your list, or however you choose to practically view the areas in your life, and ask God for help!

Re-arrange: I was very worried about putting my physical health and spiritual life at risk just because I chose not to do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’. This is what I mean by re-arranging.

Once you have re-considered your priorities, you can then take ACTION. You have the strength and ability to do so- so do!

  • Grab your bin bags- to throw away what you decided to delete
  • Have your storage boxes ready- for those things in your life that may be a priority, but are not too high on your everyday ‘to-do’ list)
  • Start (in some cases, continue) – Those tasks you know you need to get done.  Focus on that and do it well!

If like me, you can become easily stressed out; doing something like this will reduce that headache as your life becomes more and more organised. Even if you don’t always come to solution in your timing, the fact that you are half way there will usually take away some of the stress you may be feeling. Also, writing things down is sometimes the best way to get to grips with your life. Trust me. It works wonders!

I really hope you found this useful. Remember, we are not all the same so you can take points from this article and apply them accordingly. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for what you can learn during the process.

Amy Sheppard’s short message on recovery and balance :This is something that helped me.Take a look!

Happy Sorting.

May God bless your entire life!


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