“I was humbled this morning by the sight of my potential”

I started singing and songwriting about four years ago, around the age of 16. I was so excited by my songs and how God allowed me to write so quickly. I was at the beginning of my journey.

During the years after, I began singing in groups and choirs and eventually I kind of neglected my own thing – Big Mistake. 
I fell out of love with song writing and playing my guitar and became more interested in other artists similar to myself.

My throat then became sore because of the strain that my singing had caused, which led me to take around 3-4 months of voice rest. After those months I  went to the hospital to see what the problem actually was and was told that nothing too serious has happened, and that it could be solved with time and patience.

During my voice rest I didn’t care for practising or writing and knew it was going to be a struggle getting back to that place I was when I was 16 and excited to develop my talents. I was stuck.

However, I was humbled this morning by the sight of my potential.

I saw that in order to relight my passion, and regain my zeal for this ministry, I have to start at the beginning. Or at least a little way after!

My thing was, after not playing for so long, and not singing for a while either, I had forgotten the feeling of finding a new chord sequence and developing a new song after hours of practice and worship.

I even dared question myself whether or not this individual singing ministry thing was for me anymore. God forbid I try and convince myself that was true.

I owe God my absolute everything, withholding absolutely nothing. This includes my worship and what I can do with my musical gifts.

I am going to stop saying ‘I Can’t’, and start believing God can help me achieve my potential.

This is not just about singing or playing an instrument – it’s about giving up the fight you are in with anything that holds you back from the true will of God, anything that blocks the way between you and peace with God.

God only calls us to do something because He knows we can do it through Him. So let Him do it !


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