The Charge – A dangerous prayer

I woke up this morning with a realisation of how deep our calling is.

I say our, because the preaching of the Gospel isn’t just for the Preacher, the Singer or the Outreach Coordinator, but its for us all. It’s our life’s duty- serving the Lord God Almighty. I don’t think we understand how serious our mission actually is, I certainly forget from time to time!

As time gets closer to The End of Time, I keep asking myself if i’m doing enough. It’s not because I want to work my way into heaven, no, far from it! Through faith I accept the grace of God by which I am saved. I ask myself if i’m doing enough because The Spirit of God constantly urges me to pray a certain prayer each day, a prayer I have heard some call… The Dangerous Prayer.

Dear God,

Help me to be a witness for You today please,

Thank You, Amen.

I have always said to be careful what you pray for, just in case you do receive it!

Having been woken up every single day from the first day of my life, I am too blessed to not do more about letting people know the God that I serve, the very thing they are truly missing out on.

Evangelism in an imperative feature of our Christian journey…

…It’s how we G R O W, Learn more, see more and understand more. It is how we can be ‘co-laborers with Christ’ in directing souls to God- the most noble and marvelous work ever. And I am not the most confident when it comes to randomly walking up to someone in town with a LEAFLET IN MY HAND, however, my confidence in Christ is enough to start it off (all i need in fact!).

When I look at my life and see what God has done been doing and what i believe He will do, I cant help but want to share.

The main thing i am scared of though, is rejection. I mean, nobody likes to be fobbed off or even just ignored and laughed at, but we forget that Jesus suffered many persecutions, scorns and horrible horrible experiences, still He knew that He needed to spread the Gospel of Love to a dying world and He did that for me AND for you!

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:11-12)

Here is the ultimate encouragement from Jesus himself, to those who are fearful of preaching Go Ahead! YOU ARE BLESSED. After these passages He then goes onto to say how we are the salt of the earth, the light of the world that cannot be dimmed. Friends, Jesus knows what we go through and He has given us the courage to do this in His power 🙂

You are not alone, you should talk to God about your doubts and fears concerning this calling upon your life, trust me, He will put you in places that are flooded with opportunities to witness for Him. The more you do it, the more you will see the power of the Gospel.

Afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb, being different and rejected?

Those who are employed to stand along the high street offering compensation or free insulation or just asking for your monthly donations to a charity (excuse my ignorance here), are there consistently because they believe in their cause for being there! How much more so , should we as followers of the true living God Jesus Christ, believe in the message of Hope for all?

Be confident in your faith and remember…

  1. Others around you will be motivated and inspired to join you in standing out and being more of a witness.
  2. You will have opposition, but greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world! Everlasting life with God is worth soooo much more than worldly acceptance and temporary fame.
  3. You are not alone. God is with you and He has called us all. This is why I am writing this, because I know I am not the only one who feels stuck in her ‘witness jacket’ wanting to do more for Jesus.
  4. Ask Believe & Claim the promises of God to encourage you along your journey.

I challenge both myself, and all who will read this…

To be the voice, the difference, the Christian who is true to their purpose. I challenge us both to come away from ‘home comforts’ and stand out in the world, showing who we truly worship by our entire conduct. I challenge us both to stand up for Jesus because the time of His return is near.

God Bless

Dest x


Dear Princess, It’s Possible! [-Pt.1-]

I often felt like this was something so obvious, and questioned my need to write about it, but my friends have stressed the importance of repetition and so I’m just reiterating this because its happening around me now. 

Hey there loves,

Have you ever heard of these sayings

You are valuable

Jesus paid for you with His life

Your’e worth more than gold

… or at least something along those lines.

Well, they are all very true statements of which you can read more about from the blogs below.

  • Women Set Apart ‘s


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(I am sure there are many many more)

I think recognising our true value is number one in life, because it’s how we come to fully receive the good we are given. The Bible tells us that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), yet each and everyday God looks upon us, His own children, as if we were the only child He had, caring and looking out for us just the same. Oh what love !

Similarly, ‘a young guy’ is sincerely genuine in making a ‘young woman’ happy, but she cannot come to understand why she should be treated in such a manner, and so she pushes him away. Much like what we do with Christ, and like a True Gentleman, He doesn’t force His way back in but simply waits.

So you see, understanding who we are and the value God placed upon us allows us to grasp even the possibility of the Prince & Princess-type relationship.

Unfortunately, anything that God has beautifully created, tends to have a counterfeit which can twist and turn our perspective of God and His institutions.


I am 100% certain that God’s original plan is better than what we could ever imagine today. Perfection for all. Including our relationships. I believe that we as young women are called to live with a conduct and character that is just… well, beautiful (see Proverbs 31 for details). It may seem pretty obvious to some but the main reason for me writing this post was because I know a handful of young women who do not see the point in carrying themselves in this manner anymore, nor do they agree that this Prince & Princess-type relationship is possible for them.

Society has made it seem like those who ‘dream of the perfect marriage’ have their head in the clouds. (Personally I would rather my head be more heavenward). The TV shows and Hollywood movies all display a trend of sarcasm around this idea which begins to penetrate the minds of young girls as they ‘grow out’ of the Disney Princess faze and into ‘reality’.

The reality, however, is actually what some claim to be a fairy tale. Here’s what I mean:

The Bible is probably the most action-packed, love-filled, amazing exciting griping book there is! That is not a biased statement either, atheist movie directors will tell you the same thing 🙂

The book of Revelation, speaks of a Dragon, a Bride, & a Savior, or a Villain, a Damsel in distress, & a Hero. Its not just this book but all the way throughout the Bible where life could seem like ‘a fairy tale’. And so our view of a perfect relationship between a Prince & a Princess is marred, tainted because of social change/damage.

Ladies, and gentlemen, IT TRULY IS God’s plan that we are treated as princesses, no matter how much our surroundings feed our doubts. Trust me, I believe my own life is testimony of how beautiful this kind of relationship can be when you allow yourself to accept it.

I quote from a friend

When a guy has a good relationship with God, and he understands just exactly who God is, (God is King); and he understand’s that you are a daughter of God; it is then can he truly treat you like the princess you are x

SO let us recap,

1) You are a child of The King and so your whole life should reflect that.

2) No matter how this world tries to taint things what were once made perfect, remember that God’s plan for your life is NEVER tainted.

3) Dear Princess, Its Possible – to find a guy who treats you as God would treat you.

– watch this space –

“The stronger our relationship with God, the better our relationship with him/her” : Part 2 of this post will touch on just how our relationships should reflect the way God loves us! I cant wait for that one myself 😉

God Bless

Dest x

Waiting, Waiting, Gone…


I have always been an adventure seeker, but I had never really pursued it. I guess you could say there were not many opportunities available, but I say, I didn’t make the opportunities.

One of my all time fave authors quoted,

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, make them yourself.

If we spent our entire lives waiting for opportunities, we might never have experienced half of the things we have in life so far! And yes, some may get their greatest achievements handed to them because of certain circumstances, however, we all have the chance to take hold of situations and steer them in some kind of desired direction.

The choices we make each day, say something of what we are and who we are. I decided I wanted to live up to who I am called to be by God, and so my choices seek to reflect that. This meant a change, in myself, which I am slowly getting used to even now.

Once I had realized that opportunities don’t actually fall from the sky randomly, I learned how to focus my efforts and my prayers on what I wanted for my life at each particular moment.

This new thinking has helped me to really SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE OPPORTUNITIES FOR MYSELF!  🙂

I now have to constantly remind myself of a few things when I feel lazy, scared, or incompetent. Here are a few tips :-

1. Don’t be afraid. Many things that I have not yet experienced are unfamiliar and potentially uncomfortable, but the only way they will become familiar is if I face the situations and get involved! Think carefully, be brave and go for it!

2. Things may not always go to plan, and that’s okay! I always find some contentment in knowing I have made it so far, not forgetting what I have learnt along the way. Check out the previous post on planning & disappointment.

3. Time waits for nobody! When you have an idea, write it down and pursue it. Think about the pros and cons, the ins and outs of it all and go get it. Whenever I sit on a project or an idea it can become less likely that I will do it, which is an opportunity basically thrown away!

4. You can do it!! I am sure there is always something in life that we will be super good at, and in the same way, we can always learn something new. Don’t be scared to try and try again.  Go in faith.

I hope the next time you feel to make something of your time/life, you Get Productive Be Persistent & Make those opportunities.

God Bless,

Dest x

Planning & Disappointment

I’ve learnt that it’s okay to make plans, but to hold onto them with all of your being, can be a recipe for disappointment. Nobody likes disappointment!

Earlier this year I wrote about the dangers of thinking too far ahead, and well, I think I have sussed out a balance.

Make Plans, Set Yourself Goals, Reach Your Aims, just make sure you LEAVE ROOM FOR  F L E X I B I L I T Y…  and CHANGE.

  • Don’t be disappointed if something does not go according to your will. Part of personal growth and development is learning how to deal with these potentially frustrating situations and OVERCOMING THEM!
  • Reflect Always! Being a teacher in training, I have to reflect on basically e v e r y t h i n g!! It can be a bother, but it is certainly useful for development. Reflecting on where you have been, through to where you are now, will help you to map out what your next steps could look like.

Nobody likes it when long awaited plans are canceled, especially if the reasons are small or silly! I have often experienced that constant cancellation and so i used to be apprehensive about planning things and sharing my plans. Nevertheless, I am now learning to be wise with my planning and sharing.

My desires and dreams for life are all something I believe are achievable, however, if God has something greater for me to experience, I will not become disappointed, instead I will thank God for the lessons I was able to learn and experiences encountered so far.

Before you even THINK about becoming anxious for your future or worried about disappointment, remember these key gems:

  1. God can never fail you
  2. No experience is ever in vain, you can always learn something useful. Stay Positive
  3. Be careful about what you share, guard your plans/ideas but be prepared for possible outcomes, Flexibility & Change are our friends!

Happy Living!

Stay Blessed,

Dest x