Planning & Disappointment

I’ve learnt that it’s okay to make plans, but to hold onto them with all of your being, can be a recipe for disappointment. Nobody likes disappointment!

Earlier this year I wrote about the dangers of thinking too far ahead, and well, I think I have sussed out a balance.

Make Plans, Set Yourself Goals, Reach Your Aims, just make sure you LEAVE ROOM FOR  F L E X I B I L I T Y…  and CHANGE.

  • Don’t be disappointed if something does not go according to your will. Part of personal growth and development is learning how to deal with these potentially frustrating situations and OVERCOMING THEM!
  • Reflect Always! Being a teacher in training, I have to reflect on basically e v e r y t h i n g!! It can be a bother, but it is certainly useful for development. Reflecting on where you have been, through to where you are now, will help you to map out what your next steps could look like.

Nobody likes it when long awaited plans are canceled, especially if the reasons are small or silly! I have often experienced that constant cancellation and so i used to be apprehensive about planning things and sharing my plans. Nevertheless, I am now learning to be wise with my planning and sharing.

My desires and dreams for life are all something I believe are achievable, however, if God has something greater for me to experience, I will not become disappointed, instead I will thank God for the lessons I was able to learn and experiences encountered so far.

Before you even THINK about becoming anxious for your future or worried about disappointment, remember these key gems:

  1. God can never fail you
  2. No experience is ever in vain, you can always learn something useful. Stay Positive
  3. Be careful about what you share, guard your plans/ideas but be prepared for possible outcomes, Flexibility & Change are our friends!

Happy Living!

Stay Blessed,

Dest x


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