Waiting, Waiting, Gone…


I have always been an adventure seeker, but I had never really pursued it. I guess you could say there were not many opportunities available, but I say, I didn’t make the opportunities.

One of my all time fave authors quoted,

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, make them yourself.

If we spent our entire lives waiting for opportunities, we might never have experienced half of the things we have in life so far! And yes, some may get their greatest achievements handed to them because of certain circumstances, however, we all have the chance to take hold of situations and steer them in some kind of desired direction.

The choices we make each day, say something of what we are and who we are. I decided I wanted to live up to who I am called to be by God, and so my choices seek to reflect that. This meant a change, in myself, which I am slowly getting used to even now.

Once I had realized that opportunities don’t actually fall from the sky randomly, I learned how to focus my efforts and my prayers on what I wanted for my life at each particular moment.

This new thinking has helped me to really SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE OPPORTUNITIES FOR MYSELF!  🙂

I now have to constantly remind myself of a few things when I feel lazy, scared, or incompetent. Here are a few tips :-

1. Don’t be afraid. Many things that I have not yet experienced are unfamiliar and potentially uncomfortable, but the only way they will become familiar is if I face the situations and get involved! Think carefully, be brave and go for it!

2. Things may not always go to plan, and that’s okay! I always find some contentment in knowing I have made it so far, not forgetting what I have learnt along the way. Check out the previous post on planning & disappointment.

3. Time waits for nobody! When you have an idea, write it down and pursue it. Think about the pros and cons, the ins and outs of it all and go get it. Whenever I sit on a project or an idea it can become less likely that I will do it, which is an opportunity basically thrown away!

4. You can do it!! I am sure there is always something in life that we will be super good at, and in the same way, we can always learn something new. Don’t be scared to try and try again.  Go in faith.

I hope the next time you feel to make something of your time/life, you Get Productive Be Persistent & Make those opportunities.

God Bless,

Dest x


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