Dear Princess, It’s Possible! [-Pt.1-]

I often felt like this was something so obvious, and questioned my need to write about it, but my friends have stressed the importance of repetition and so I’m just reiterating this because its happening around me now. 

Hey there loves,

Have you ever heard of these sayings

You are valuable

Jesus paid for you with His life

Your’e worth more than gold

… or at least something along those lines.

Well, they are all very true statements of which you can read more about from the blogs below.

  • Women Set Apart ‘s


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(I am sure there are many many more)

I think recognising our true value is number one in life, because it’s how we come to fully receive the good we are given. The Bible tells us that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), yet each and everyday God looks upon us, His own children, as if we were the only child He had, caring and looking out for us just the same. Oh what love !

Similarly, ‘a young guy’ is sincerely genuine in making a ‘young woman’ happy, but she cannot come to understand why she should be treated in such a manner, and so she pushes him away. Much like what we do with Christ, and like a True Gentleman, He doesn’t force His way back in but simply waits.

So you see, understanding who we are and the value God placed upon us allows us to grasp even the possibility of the Prince & Princess-type relationship.

Unfortunately, anything that God has beautifully created, tends to have a counterfeit which can twist and turn our perspective of God and His institutions.


I am 100% certain that God’s original plan is better than what we could ever imagine today. Perfection for all. Including our relationships. I believe that we as young women are called to live with a conduct and character that is just… well, beautiful (see Proverbs 31 for details). It may seem pretty obvious to some but the main reason for me writing this post was because I know a handful of young women who do not see the point in carrying themselves in this manner anymore, nor do they agree that this Prince & Princess-type relationship is possible for them.

Society has made it seem like those who ‘dream of the perfect marriage’ have their head in the clouds. (Personally I would rather my head be more heavenward). The TV shows and Hollywood movies all display a trend of sarcasm around this idea which begins to penetrate the minds of young girls as they ‘grow out’ of the Disney Princess faze and into ‘reality’.

The reality, however, is actually what some claim to be a fairy tale. Here’s what I mean:

The Bible is probably the most action-packed, love-filled, amazing exciting griping book there is! That is not a biased statement either, atheist movie directors will tell you the same thing 🙂

The book of Revelation, speaks of a Dragon, a Bride, & a Savior, or a Villain, a Damsel in distress, & a Hero. Its not just this book but all the way throughout the Bible where life could seem like ‘a fairy tale’. And so our view of a perfect relationship between a Prince & a Princess is marred, tainted because of social change/damage.

Ladies, and gentlemen, IT TRULY IS God’s plan that we are treated as princesses, no matter how much our surroundings feed our doubts. Trust me, I believe my own life is testimony of how beautiful this kind of relationship can be when you allow yourself to accept it.

I quote from a friend

When a guy has a good relationship with God, and he understands just exactly who God is, (God is King); and he understand’s that you are a daughter of God; it is then can he truly treat you like the princess you are x

SO let us recap,

1) You are a child of The King and so your whole life should reflect that.

2) No matter how this world tries to taint things what were once made perfect, remember that God’s plan for your life is NEVER tainted.

3) Dear Princess, Its Possible – to find a guy who treats you as God would treat you.

– watch this space –

“The stronger our relationship with God, the better our relationship with him/her” : Part 2 of this post will touch on just how our relationships should reflect the way God loves us! I cant wait for that one myself 😉

God Bless

Dest x


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