Dear Princess Its Possible [-Pt. 2-] The Love Triangle


The stronger our relationship with God, the better our relationshipwill be.

I can honestly say that it’s true. The closer my boyfriend is to God, the closer I want to be to God and to him too (naturally re: diagram above). Yes of course there may be certain exceptions – for those who perhaps are not on the same page spiritually, it can be quite hard to be as close when he/she is drawing closer to God, without you.

About a year prior to me getting into a relationship (meaning, before we had started talking), I had been doing a bit of reading. (I will list the books below) I wanted to know more about love and relationships, and you can spend your whole life reading on these subjects but I stuck to a few because I am admittedly a v e r y        s looooooooow…. reader. 🙂

  1. Letters To Young Lovers – Ellen. G. White
  2. Boy Meets Girl – Joshua Harris (he also has a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye which is advised as a read before BMG)
  3. Messages To Young People – Ellen. G. White

That’s right, only 3 to start off with, told you i’m a slow reader!

“True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. On the contrary, it is calm deep in it’s nature. It looks beyond mere externals & is attracted by qualities alone” (LYL 30.1)

This quote has stuck with me ever since I first read it. A friend and I had discussed how this could be so, many a times, and now we can both see how it is indeed very true and practical. I will go into more detail about this quote along with other findings from my reading, in the next blog post so stay tuned. 

Growing up and seeing all kinds of relationships around me, I wanted to pin point ‘true love’. I’m not even sure that was correct thinking but it lead me to keep reading anyway. Then finally when I entered into a relationship of my own I was instantly aware of what the author spoke of when she said, it is calm & deep in  it’s nature. My own love for him reflected this in a way that I almost had to question whether he really was ‘the one’. Now don’t get me wrong, I was sure of my feelings towards him but as far as ‘loving him’ went, I carefully allowed God to guide my every footstep into it.

My prayer being, “Guard my heart Dear Lord, & if it be your will, let this happen”

I will let you into a small small secret. When I first met him, I prayed a certain prayer, which caused me to continue praying meanwhile we were talking. This prayer was me pouring my heart out to God & giving Him my affections, my concerns, my excitement and my fears. I told God how I felt and basically asked Him to show me if it was His will for me and my bf to be together. Long story short, He showed me nothing but green lights, and as time went on,

It was like my guarded heart was gradually opened now & again, and God had been watching and allowing it all.

That was what made the initial journey so special, because not once had God left my thoughts and so He was always guiding me. 🙂

It is so important to share with God what you are going through. When He knows you best, and He knows the end from the beginning, who better to ask for guidance and wisdom from?

—How I Know Love —

I know love by these main pointers.

  1. God : Growing up I have never missed a day at church where God’s love wasn’t spoken of. Whether reading it for ourselves from The Bible (John 3:16, 1 John 4:7,8 to name just two!), or from the front where someone would give their testimony or preach a word about it. I know that God is love, but what that means for me now makes more sense than when i would hear it passively before. It means that A) His character is a loving one, of which has no fault and no taint. which leads me to B) God has, is, and will always continue to show love. His ultimate sacrifice was the life of His only Son – Jesus Christ, who made it possible for me to even come to God after sin!
  2.  God again, because the way my relationship is set up, I see how God loves me through how my bf loves me & vice versa. Don’t freak out, its nothing weird, allow me to elaborate.

Its like this: Waking up every single day, and thinking of that person.  |  Wanting to spend time with them as soon as you’re up- “new day, lets go through it together”.  |  Wanting to know how that person is, how they are feeling and if there is anything you can do to help them feel even better.  |   Sharing with them.  |  Never wanting to leave them throughout the day.  |  Talking/texting them.  |  Going out together.  |  Telling people about them, your family and friends, because you’re so proud to be with them.  |  Your patience towards them.  |  Your tenderness.  |  Your loving them. |

It occurred to me one morning, as i was talking to my own bf, that God’s desired relationship with us is very very similar. Not in the romantic sense, no. But in the dedication sense. Read the passage I wrote again, and this time think about God rather than your significant other and see how God really does love you!

It is His will that the union between man and woman, to which He has given the green light, would be a reflection of  His very character (See 1 Corinthians 13 for details, and study for yourself more about the Character of God to see the links). The way we love each other should reflect the way God loves us, thus our entire lives, each area of them, should be fit for evangelistic purpose. That is to say, tell the Gospel through living it. 

Why don’t you offer up your relationship to God today. Ask Him for wisdom on how to love better, how to respond to love better, ask Him for His ultimate will for your lives.

This is not a blog to make people feel like they need to be in a relationship or have one like mine or anything like that. I write this because I love you and I want you to experience the joy that I know is available within relationships.

sharing is caring, right?

****Coming Up Next****

I will be going into a little more detail about the books i mentioned above and what we can draw out from certain chapters. See you next time x

God Bless

Dest x



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