He’s always near – Psalm 37

Before I begin, let me just tell you how incredible God is- Hes super incredible! 

Okay, so my fave christian author wrote a very timely word for literally all of life’s worries-

Jesus is our friend; all of heaven is interested in our welfare. we should not allow the perplexities & worries of everyday life to fret the mind & cloud the brow {Ellen White Steps to Christ pg.121,122}.

It’s funny, when I think of the phrase ‘cloud the brow’ I instantly think of the headaches I get right at the front of my forehead, just above my eyebrows (usually when I’m stressed for some reason) so that my eyebrows are drawn together in a frown.

God is concerned with your well-being, your welfare, your life, & so are the occupants of heaven! This statement gave me such a shout. We actually have at least something to smile about. We don’t have to be down and out over the trials and tribulations  life throws at us full force. Why ?

Because we have hope 🙂

Hope & a strong, faithful Word that promises us deliverance, victory & most importantly, SALVATION.


PSALMS 37 Is one of my favveee passages of scripture because it just lifts my eyes, literally to my Help (God). I want to break down a few chosen verses in this chapter, with the hope that It gives you the comfort and help I received. Let’s being from verse 3:

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

Trust In The Lord:


That is, to depend upon The Lord for PROTECTION, SUPPORT & PROVISION. We have a number of promises in the Bible that should cause us to believe and trust God. We also have a number of personal and relative experiences to be able to trust God. The Bible itself here in verse 3, points us to these trust worthy promises (if not the whole bible).

And Do Good:

I did wonder why the Psalmist would add this verb do good. Think about when you may have been deep in tests & trials, Isn’t it funny how you find it difficult to still do good, in the sight of God. Or is that just me? Okay, I mean… Sometimes it’s hard to think about God and what He wants from me, when it seems like I’m lost or forgotten about :/ right?

There are types of people who, though they are pressed down on EVERY side possible, they still give & do good for others. That’s something i’d call selfless.

So far through these verses, God is saying, ‘when you are in a bad situation, go to the scriptures to remind yourself of My promises, so that you can TRUST ME for deliverance, provision, protection & support’. ‘Continue in the ways I have commanded you (Jeremiah 7:23), which is good & pleasing to me; that all my be well with you.

It is important to honor & glorify God in all seasons, and so I understand this necessary reminder to do good & trust Him.

Dwell In The Land:


I always say, “if you don’t ask- you don’t get!” & i really needed to understand the meaning behind these words, so I asked.

After reading other texts & some bible commentaries, it was brought to my attention that the said land is to represent a place of safety & refuge. In the Bible, the Israelites were promised such a land- Canaan, after being brought, by God, out of a place of bondage (Egypt) see The Book of Exodus for the experience.

When troubles come and times are hard, don’t dwell on the negative unfortunate eventsdwell on the positive. Dwell on the goodness and promises of God. Go back to the scriptures and encourage yourself! Trust in God and YOU WILL BE SAFE FROM OPPOSITION!

I want to draw out the importance of the word ‘dwell’.

  1. To abide (adhere, stick to, keep a hold of) as a permanent resident.
  2. To have habitation for some time or permanently.
  3. Keep a hold of God who is your safety & refuge! Psalm 18:2

So to “dwell in the of land” – of safety or refuge (that is, to dwell in God) is SUCH A PRIVILEGE.

——- >>>    LET’S    G E T     D W E L L I N G   !!

And feed on His faithfulness:


After understanding the term ‘dwell’ (in God), we should now be ready to take on the next instruction; to feed on His faithfulness.

When we feed ourselves we are partaking of food that is (I hope) good for us. God’s faithfulness is more than enough goodness to feed on. This verse’s simple message is to partake of the never failing, never ending, never-let-you-down-ness of God.  Faithful is something He has, is, and always will be. What He says, He does, and what He promises, will come true!

Again, let us recap the systematic order of this Psalm. We are first directed to the scriptures & personal accounts that cause us to  Trust In The Lord, not forgetting our ever obedience to Him at all times. Then we are told to Dwell In The Safety of God and feed on His definite faithfulness, which leads us to verse 4 of the chapter.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Delight Yourself in The Lord 

I love this verse. It sounds promising doesn’t it?

Be happy and joyful in the Lord and He will give me what I want, right?. 

Well, it makes sense for it to be that simple however, I need to strain this out as much as I can. I want to challenge myself.

Do I really know what this means? Am I truly ‘delighting in the Lord’ or am I playing pretend in the hope that my dear heart’s desires will be met?

The verse says ‘delight yourself in the Lord. This to me says we are to do more than just think of God as a delightful being, but rather, when we are (verse 3) abiding/dwelling in God, we are not to ignore the marvelous privilege of being all about our Father’s business.

Meaning, instead of feeling like devotion is a chore and showing compassion is such a bore, our hearts are changed (through prayer and dedication to Jesus Christ) and we love spiritual things!

We can link verse 4 to Psalm 145:19 which explains that those who fear God will have their needs met. 

It’s less of a ‘give-to-get’ situation and more of a ‘God is my all and I have all that I need’- type situation.

When we come to a place of  JOY  and  CONTENTMENT,  and have an active knowledge of the service and reverence that is due to God, I believe it is then that we are delighting ourselves in the Lord.

He Shall Give You The Desires of Your Heart.


The more our hearts are turned to God, the more our will changes- becoming more in tune with The Father’s will.  So, instead of God granting us the selfish and profitless desires of our hearts, we will be richly blessed with a more reasonable and noble granting because we desire better things. 

 Now onto the last two verses of the passage, verses 5 & 6.

Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.

Remembering everything we have previously discussed, we can more clearly understand this verse. This wonderful word which goes hand in hand with these verses:

We need to follow more closely God’s plan of life. To do our best in the work that lies nearest, to commit our ways to God, and to watch for the indications of His providence-these are rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of occupation. {Ellen White, Education pg. 267 }

White implies that when we commit (give to or roll off onto) our life and ALL IT’S AREAS to God, we are allowing Him to guide our footsteps into success and victory (Jeremiah 29:11).

We see in this passage, that when our heart is changed, we start to have new desires and thus an increased desire to obey God’s voice and follow His plan. Our eyes and ears will be opened to the signs God gives us, that point us to the right choice of life (occupation, desires, dreams ect.).

+++++++++++++++ Recap +++++++++++++++

READ the scriptures and surround yourself with positive & spiritual people – causing you to TRUST IN THE LORD AND DO GOOD

DWELL in the safety and refuge found in God. You can do this by again, reading and praying -abiding in Jesus.

FEED yourself with God’s faithfulness. Read about Him and get to know Him. Partake of the never failing, never ending, never-let-you-down-ness of God.

DELIGHT yourself in the Lord. Find that place of joy and contentment  and fear God- give Him the service and reverence He is due (delightfully 🙂 )

COMMIT absolutely all of your entire God-given life to The Father, go back to the bible and remind yourself of His trustworthy character.  He will order your steps rightly, and bless you accordingly.

Please go on and read the rest of this chapter, its amazing!!


I do not take lightly the words found in The Holy Bible. They are literally words of life! Words of promise and hope, all of which I can hold onto and never let go of.

I hope you found this breakdown very useful and maybe even learnt something you didn’t know before. I sure enjoyed writing it. It has made this small bit of Psalm 37 so much more relevant to me.

Your feedback is always welcome 😉

God Bless,

Dest x


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