How To Prevent ‘Seasonal Shopping Disorder’ @ Uni


This post is 100% needed for my life & I’m pretty sure there are some people who could do with a few tips. Over Spending at Uni can be such a challenge, even if you don’t think you have the money. It happens. It can almost become like a hobby! That’s kind of scary really.

I hope you all find these few tips super useful & remember, this will only work if you want it to! 


  1. PRAY: I talk to God literally about everything, so this is something I am not going to omit from my prayers, especially because God wants us to be wise with the money He has provided for us. Tell God about your situation and ask Him for self control power. [ 1 Corinthians 10:13  you will not be tempted beyond what you can bare, and there is always an escape anyways! ] Trust me guys, for some it really is that deep 🙂

vision board

2. WRITE out your LONG-TERM GOALS & mount them on your bedroom wall (and anywhere else you might want to see them). This is really to remind you of a better cause for your money. When you think (or don’t think) about spending off your money, you can be reminded of that holiday or that special thing you should be saving up for 😉


3. STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOPS/MALLS etc. While there may be nothing more pleasing than to walk amid the s a l e  signs and discounted goods, you ought to keep yourself busy so that you don’t find yourself spending unnecessarily (& no babe, those shoes don’t qualify).  Do your assignments, read your books, play an instrument, cook… Anything other than shopping.

oh no

4. UNSUBSCRIBE from the 370 companies you have pledged your loyalty to, or at least shown your interest in. I had this problem in 1st year, they make sure they email you all of the time so that you don’t ‘miss out’ on the best of deals. Really and truly, it wont hurt you and spending £0.00 is much cheaper than getting 25% off a fully priced item! (Remember your long-term goals) Oh and don’t feel bad about not helping them out by only having a browsekeep away as much as possible. 


5. PLAN ALWAYS. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET – get help if you find it a bit tricky to map out all of your finances! write shopping lists. create daily routines. get your life in order of honest priority (do this with prayer x) When you know what you need, and your day is planned well, you will have less time to buy buy buy. Stick to your word.

Happy Spending (wisely) & Have a fab time studying !

Stay Blessed,

Dest x


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