Summer Indoors? (winter woes)


I don’t think I have what they call S A D (seasonal affective disorder) but I do get quite low in mood and health in the winter, it’s natural! As the time passes, and Feb kicks in, it begins to brighten up a bit and so does my mood. Nevertheless I have to maintain a few key lifestyle tips to ensure I don’t go into SERIOUS MOODY HIBERNATION MODE because of the LACK of sunlight and heat.

Here are a few tips.


Vitamin D supplements – I usually take the BetterYou Dlux 3000 Vitamin Oral Spray and 1 spray a day really helped me during december/jan times. I was prescribed a stronger dosage of tablets from the doctor, but I am terrible at keeping up with pills and the liquid suited me much better. DO SEE YOUR GP to check if you have a deficiency as you may need a particular dosage.


Exercise Daily – I cycle to get to uni and although I live at the bottom of a thousand hills, I don’t regret getting my bike. It’s a babe with a basket at the front and a bag rack at the back. It’s no walk in the park! I do about 60-70 mins of exercise mon-fri and on the weekend it depends on how much walking I do. Walking. Gym. Cycling.  They all contribute to your daily exercises. Keep fit guys, it will boost your immune system, ensure your body and its functions are A-Okay and it will KEEP YOU WARM when its freezing.


Eat Right | Sleep Right – We all know that we should sleep about 7 or something hours each night, and all that 5-a-day stuff. I wont go into detail. Just make sure you’re getting enough sleep guys! I need a maximum of 9 hours in the heart of Winter.  Also, your eating habits go hand in hand with sleep. The more balanced your diet it the better, and so taking necessary physical rest gives your body the perfect conditions to absorb, prevent and fix etc. all that needs to be, in your body.

friends#Doing What You Love – This is really important. Imagine being cold all the time, stressed from uni/work or school, you body is feeling sad because it’s lacking that boost from vitamins and exercise, not doing something fun often enough will make things 10 times worse! Treat yourself to your fave snacks, (I have recently allowed myself to eat sweets again because I do love a nice love heart xD) or chill with those you love more often than usual. Spend some time looking after yourself emotionally. It will lift your mood and pick others up around you too. Spread the happiness 🙂

How to get the summer feeling in feb.jpg

When the sun FINALLY begins to make its glorious daily appearance again, this is when you should totally take advantage. I PRAY FOR GOD TO LET THE SUN SHINE (He knows just how happy it makes me!)

if you are at uni right now, and you need to press on with those assignment, this is what I do to combat the winter blues during study time.

> Choose an available spot with the most natural light. Open the blinds fully and the windows slightly ( I’m a serious advocate for fresh air!)

> If there is no natural sunlight, you can get yourself a SAD lamp that are specifically for though who suffer. I always have my light on, no darkness will get me down!

> I turn my heating up to a desired temp, enough for me to feel warm but not too hot that I can’t be productive.

> Depending on the setting and whether your heating bills are inclusive (#teamallincl) you may want to put an extra layer on so that you feel warm even if your heating isn’t on blast. Otherwise, I usually chill in a T-shirt and shorts if I’m feeling Super Summery.

> Blast some tunes! (lol) Whatever your work conducive playlist, keep it summery and positive. You want, at all costs, to combat the negative – grey- British- cold- vibes that Winter can throw at you.


I hope this post has inspired you to be more positive. Remember,  fake it till you make it 😉

Dest x


3 Lessons I’ve learnt (this week)

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Although the week isn’t over yet, I felt like this evening would be a good time to share a few key lessons from my week so far. So, here they are!


Untitled drawing


When I am working on a project, whether it be for uni or music, and I really anticipate the end result for a long time, I can often become anxious. Of course, you want that thing to go well right? You worked long/hard enough on it! True, though this expectation caused me to be too hard on myself when something went wrong 😦

Two friends reminded me this week that it’s okay…

Don’t Panic | Learn and Correct (if possible) | Do a GREATER job next time round! 

(give yourself some credit, please) 🙂




While it may be good that you plan to achieve loads in one day, remember you are human!

You simply cannot go to ASDA, write 2500 wrds, cook a 5 course meal for bae and  friends, and have time to ‘do you’ all in the space of an hour or so. 

At least, I certainly can’t!!

It’s an exaggeration but you get my point; PACE YOURSELF because quality is often better than quantity. 

and nobody likes burnt food :/



(Testimony Time) All week I’ve had specific questions for God and to get answers, I really needed to

STOP | SIT | and |SPEND TIME WITH GOD| in His word.

Even though it was half term, I found myself super busy with assignments and my re branding stuff (follow my Instagram so see!). So as much as I didn’t want it to,  God-time was pushed to the edges of my day. Until I became a little overwhelmed (as you do) by the pace my week was going.

That’s when I forced myself to stop and just LISTEN to God give me those answers I was looking for. I read, I listened and I felt so much better because of God’s deliverance from a cray cray week. 🙂

** What I Listen To Plug  >>Francesca Battistelli – When The Crazy Kicks In**

I know the demands of life can be real heavy sometimes, but exercise that little faith you have and  GIVE GOD YOUR TIME.  

Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed RESTFUL Sabbath 

Stay Blessed, love dest x