3 Lessons I’ve Learnt This Week – 13/05

IMG_8021This week I completed my 2nd year of Uni, and I’m more excited than ever, for what this summer break holds. Of course, I made myself a to-do list to kick start my break, and found myself noting down the many personal deadlines I had to meet! It was like I had left Uni and gone into a full time job! Hopefully next week I will be less disorientated and able to spend my time effectively. Its a struggle we all face! 

A lot has happened over this week. I received some assignment grades back, I started a placement, got a really cool gig offer for the summer, planned to revive my music YouTube channel, it was all going on. Amid all of this, I have learnt some super valuable lessons which I would like to share :




The assignment grades I received this week, were not my greatest. Yes I was upset, outraged and very eager to discuss them with my tutor. However your initial emotions will never help the situation at hand. Take a deep breath and remember who you are, what you stand for and what you could potentially be putting at risk. It could be your reputation, your job, your relationship. Don’t react to a negative situation in a negative way, keep your cool and find the voice of reason. (*A detailed post on Receiving Negative Feedback from uni-coming soon!)



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 …But why not do it with your eyes open!? I mentioned I started to revamp my Youtube channel again, finally. It has taken me years to get motivated again but I have learnt so much about myself in the mean time. I also learnt more about my ministry and why I actually want to use Youtube as part of my music journey-for that I am grateful. Dreaming with your eyes open is more than just “daydreaming”, it is actually being proactive and staying motivated enough to drive your dreams into action. There is so much online that can help you start, but you have to start somewhereGet a journal, write ideas down, do your research and ask questions- make it happen! (*A detailed post on Finding The Motivation to Kick Start Your Dreams -coming soon!)




I apologise, my inner-teacher slipped out there! 😉 It’s true though, I challenge you to sit still for a moment, not thinking about what you’re going to eat or wear or watch… Just relax! I have started taking my personal faith much more seriously and I am much more calmer for it. Some people are meditating twice a day and some more! I personally make it a habit to just pray more and reflect upon God’s goodness more. Speaking to God as a friend like He invites to, is much more beneficial than artificial. I encourage you to read Mark 5:1-20, Luke 10:38-42 where you will find there is something about the act of sitting and listening -Not doing anything but allowing God to speak to your heart. I believe there is rebooting, re-energising, reviving power at the feet of Jesus. (*A detailed post on The Art of Being Still-coming soon!)

~ To be still and know that God is God, is to sit at the feet of Jesus ~

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Dest x


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  1. This is a great post! Congrats on all your achievements this year, all your points are very important in uni and I have definitely benefitted from those techniques. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


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