A Binding Word For A Broken World

It is no coincidence that life’s tragedies come around more frequently than ever, with almost no time to heal from the last hurt. Still, it’s shocking when we see it on the news, and the photos on the TL, and the loss of hope in the world’s eyes. I’m sorry.

In a time like this, what can we say? Sometimes, words are not enough! But sometimes, there are words that might some up the pictures… This song has been the very sentiments of my heart recently. This song, I believe is about humanity, the world at large and how it interacts with life’s happenings. Here are some reasons why I chose to share it.

7.pngIt’s simple, yet effective. The verses tell only a few stories of our reality, yet they seem to paint a picture of it all, at least for me anyway. The minimal music and the pauses in between the lines, add something- a silence that speaks louder than any voice could.

It’s relevant. After hearing of the fire in London, I asked my friend (who lives close by) if he was okay. (He was okay) He was telling me how much he loves his community because of how they pull together. “Strong community” he called it, and that’s what we’ve been seeing! People doing and giving all they can and more, its unity. No matter what  race, gender, difference, we unite to help.

6.pngIt’s reflective. Everyone would like to think they are loving, kind and selfless- I know I do! Yet, our actions are sometimes so far from it. And so, the rhetorical question will we be, who we’ve always said we are? Causes us to think about our lives. Yes it relates to the lost lives and evil doing, yet this question can apply to our our daily living. The amount of time we spend with family while they are still here, the friends we decided to visit when we had the time, the times you MAKE time- for your own wellness as well as your relationships!

I love how this song speaks of the good/unity that we are capable of!

It also reminds me that God sees, and His heart also breaks. Your prayers are not in vein!


The fact that I am broken when you are broken, tells us that we are not indifferent to the injustice, the evil doing and the hate in our world. For that we should be grateful. It’s this that moves us to action…


Yes, there will still be pain, heartache and evil, but there will always be love, community and hope! This post is for the world, letting you know that your heart will see brighter days. But for now, we are with you, thinking, praying, acting… because that’s all we can do.

Much Love,

Dest x


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