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Hey! It’s been a while since i’ve written for this blog, I must apologise. My excuse? I’ve been working for aStepFWD and so I have a load of posts to create (hello procrastination or just crazy overwhelm). Still, it’s good to be back and writing of something SUMMER related!





Recently I shared my fave summer make up products on my InstaStory, and that same morning I’d filmed the process for my channel. So here, I present to you, a quick and simple makeup look, featuring products all below £10 and non of which should make you feel yucky and sweaty. Oh and the best part is, there’s no foundation involved!! YASS.


IMG_20170627_200929_761 (1)




First up I started with my base: NYX ILLUMINATOR 

When the sun started to show its full face here in Britain, I decided I wanted to give my skin a break from the foundation vibes. I turned to Bare Minerals because I heard they got that invisible-feeling-kinda foundation going, but I don’t wear it that much to spend such money! Student and all. I went to The Body Shop, to try their foundation, natural, fairly priced, i also had a discount to use there, but again, i wanted to come away from foundation all together. So then I tried their Insta Glow products -couldn’t get the right shade, so i left that store! 

That’s when I thought about NYX at Boots. I went to look at their stand and saw this beauty below. I tried the other shades but i figured this would be a nice shade for the coverage illusion- i was right!  

Here are 3 reasons why I love Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator:
IMG_20170627_204424_6021. Its silky. I dot it on my face and the QUICKLY smooth it into my skin with my fingers for the best effect. If you leave the product to dry for a second it creates more work for you to work into your skin, but that’s not all bad! 

2. It’s lightweight. For me, the best makeup is that which you don’t feel peeling off your skin in the heat! I apply about 2 layers (and a half if i’m feeling extra glowy) and still, my skin can breath! 

3. It’s versatile. You could actually buy all three shades and do a glowy madness with just them. I experimented with this and use it for my coverage, and to brighten my under eyes, and sometimes i might use it under my brows. It’s perfect really. 

Also, it’s lasting me quite a while!! BONUS!

Next: This crazy cheap but super effective…


I’d previously been using the Sleek contour kit, the one that actually looks just the same as this one. When I ran out, I wanted to see if i could find something a bit less matte and that would give me more of a fresher look. Then I strolled into Superdrug and found this beauty for… wait for it… £3.50!>!>!>!?!?!?!


Here are 3 reasons why this wins:

1. It’s Shimmers. If you’re looking for a good contour, but one that doesn’t make you look dusty or dully, then this is a shout. It’s got a shimmer to it, but it’s not ridiculous looking-its okay trust me. You can see the lightest shade, is very very light, and so I only dab dab small small into this shade. It does just the job, especially for that nose highlight.

2. The bronzer is just my absolute babe. It gives me so much warmth! Put’s that healthy colour back into your skin for sure. 

3. It’s cheap as chips. Yet i’d say it was great quality. Compared to the Sleek kit, i’d say this one is more warm, and glowy, with a bit more consistency to it’s powder. 


After doing bits with this palette, I moved onto the beast of the bunch…


I found this baby on sale when I was browsing through New Look’s accessories. I thought, this is so golden, I just can’t leave it here! I had to snatch it up into my basket, and when I tried it on my skin at home, I again, fell in love. I’ve had it for a few months now and it never gets boring. Sometimes I use both this as a highlighter as well as the one from the palette above, or sometimes i just stick with this one. Honestly just look… 


Here are 3 reasons why this is the bomb:

1. It’s pretty. Just look at the marble effect it has. I don’t know if that’s because it’s baked, but It’s beautiful! 

2. It’s VERY golden. It’s that highlight that every girl just needs. I haven’t tried it as an eye shadow (because i don’t wear it that much), but I’m loving the glow it gives my cheekbones xxxxxxx

3. It’s Inexpensive. I got this on sale for £2, but now it’s not even that much more. It last a long time and it’s not prone to break and smash like my others have 😦 😦 😦 It may come out of the container but it wont break up which is fab! 

get yourself one of these beauties pleeaaseee!




IMG_20170627_200929_771Ps. My glasses are from Urban Outfitters x


Thanks for reading my beauties. Remember, SLAY IN YOUR LANE & Glow however you want to ALL YEAR ROUND honey!

Stay Blessed,

Dest x


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