S/S Journals: ep1 | The Forest Q&A



Hey loves!!IMG_20170714_170010_932

It’s Destiny! Back on the blog with some personal info about my artistry! I went to the beautiful forest earlier this month, and decided to film a nice lil Q&A about my music, as well as another version of my latest song His Name Is Home (with an added bridge). This is not on YouTube so you guys will get the exclusive forest hook up soon and very soon (like my Facebook page so you don’t miss it! 🙂

I’ve answered a few basic questions here, before you dive into the Q&A video. It’s full of  funny questions, embarrassing moments, difficult chords and a bit of dancing… lol. Enjoy!

How long have you been a s/s?

I’ve been singing & writing songs for 17yrs!!! Or 15yrs as a solo artist 🙂 Gosh that seems like such a long time but it basically means i’ve been at it my whole life!

Why did you start playing guitar? 

I had been learning to play the clarinet in high school, but i soon realised it was a battle i didn’t want to fight, (that whole lip blowing thing…I couldn’t). Anyways, I knew that i wanted to play and sing at the same time, and whilst doing music classes in year 8, I was introduced to the guitar! My wonderful music teacher Mr Edwards (shout out) said I was something of a natural, and when I told him i wanted to really play, he GAVE ME A GUITAR! I was so chuffed and he set me up with my own guitar lessons – a real MVP that guy. Soon after I had a number of lessons I became a faster learner other people had joined my class, so i decided to teach myself. I took a book and CD from my local library and learnt those legendary tunes by the likes of Don McLean *sings* byeee byeee miss American pie… Honestly, those 3-chord 4-chord patterns are THE BEST! They got me strumming like a pro in no time.

Any regrets/struggles along the way? 

Not learning music theory from the beginning nor taking music lessons from early. I wish I’d started early! However, i’m now on route and it’s never too late guys, don’t be fooled. These two things have made it somewhat challenging in areas of my ministry, yet the show must go on and i love my music so there’s no stopping me! 🙂

Want to know more? See the video for more questions and answers. Don’t forget to like & subscribe!

Thank’s for watching my lovelies. Stay tuned for more S/S Journals episodes, on here and on my channel, where I will be showing you guys what it’s like to write my own songs, scrapping the bits i dislike and all that inspirational jazz.

Stay Blessed,

Dest x




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