About Me

Hey! I’m Destiny Malcolm and this is my online journal if you will! I’m a UK Contemporary Christian/ Folk singer/songwriter and  I was born ‘n raised in Wolverhampton!

I’ve a real soft spot for writing and if i’m not filling up a physical journal i’m typing in the two notes apps I have on my phone. (side note: Google Keep is a game changer).

With writing comes the creative ups and downs, the songs and the poems too. I mainly write my own music which you can hear on YouTube and on Soundcloud, but the journal entries and poems make it to this blog here. I am currently working on two debut projects, one of which will be releasing sooner than the other. 1. My DEBUT EP! 2. MY DEBUT BOOK! – Watch this space, i’m coming with some serious creativity.

Three Common Questions: 

How Do You Stay Inspired To Write?

If it’s music, then I just write what’s floating about on my journal pages. Often times there are themes I want to sing about and so i tend to bring my thinking to life through lyrics.  If it’s other writing, I rarely need journal prompts now but they can really help! Follow me on Instagram because I share Keynotes of Life which serve as very good prompts. Otherwise, I’m a tepid overthinking so I think with my pen really. It’s natural!

How Do You Stay on Top of your Devotional Life?

Truth is, I struggle. There will be times when life is just getting so busy and my soul is becoming so anxious that I don’t allow time for God properly. However! I will have (if not already) a blog post up detailing some of the practical things I do to stay connected. I’d say pray for the desire EVERYDAY, then create the space for God to meet with you- maybe you need to get out of bed and sit at your desk to pray and read… whatever it is. try and try again.

What Does Writing Mean to You? 

Writing is a way of escape, and a way to connect. It’s a means of relief and reflection as well as retreat. I see it like this;  b r e a t h i n g…

I hope you guys find this blog valuable and enjoyable because I will be pouring my heart into it. Whooop 😉

Stay Blessed

Dest x



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