Born in Wolverhampton, living in Birmingham as a student, 21 year old Destiny Malcolm is a Christian artist who shares her creativity through singing and music.

She has been writing her own songs and singing in various venues around the country since 2010, and has often been classified as Christian-Folk music.

At a British Union Seventh-Day Adventist Conference in June 2010, Destiny kick-started her music ministry with the declaration of her commitment to discipleship in her Christian journey – the single Fisherman was born out of this commitment, and gained numerous views on social media. Destiny has performed this single at different events such as youth congresses, and at various churches across the country.

Destiny took a step back from her independent ministry to gain training at a UK school of evangelism called PEACE and graduated in 2012. She still continued to write and arrange songs and took time to grow as an artist.

In what she explains as a sudden burst of ‘divine inspiration’, Destiny wrote a number of songs in very close succession, and is currently working on an album based on scripture.

Β “Every song for this album was inspired by the Word of God, He gave me each word to write”

SheΒ is currently performing at various events around the country, taking her unique brand of Christian music to a wider audience, and recently was a finalist at the Youth Gospel Music Expo 2014, which took place in Derby, as well as winning a competition along with her group “The Collective” to perform at The Big Church Day Out.

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“Connect with me on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and dont forget Twitter!”


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