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#StandingonPromises|W2: Your Thoughts Established.

God has not given us a spirit of fear that we should fear the outcome of our boldest choices. Find out how God will establish your plans for this week!

Hello Lovely People! Welcome back to another post. I'm super excited to be sharing something that is very dear to my heart. Today's post is a short guide for using affirmations in your spiritual life. I am a person who thinks through her fingers, which means I write EVERYTHING down to rid me of a... Continue Reading →

Re-charge, Re-evaluate, Re-organize.

Disclaimer: This article is subject to personal experience and therefore personal application is necessary.  I can only refer to my own life and its need for a change of direction. You may be experiencing something that you just can’t get to grips with; I hope this article will help you take that .step forward toward change,... Continue Reading →

How Can I Be Holy ?

 Often these questions are asked, and for a while I have always thought to answer them with; "Just pray that you can be like Jesus. It’s that simple!" Wanting to be like Jesus is okay, but we must understand HOW we are to go about being holy, like Jesus. Only then can we accept all... Continue Reading →


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