I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is something floating about in this period of time. It seems we all have a dose of it too! I have been talking with some of you personally and I’ve come to understand that we are all going through sort of the same thing!

  • What job should i take up?
  • Where should I be going right now?
  • I want to move but where to?
  • I want to be here, but i’m stuck here…

Sound familiar? I think it’s just that time really! As much as it’s good to speak to others about it, we need to lean on something stronger and more powerful than our own understanding, strength and will. Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Whatever it is you’re facing,  i’m sure God is not sleeping on it! He delights to hear from us, and whilst we all could be praying for ourselves quietly (sometimes disguised as a complaint to God) there is HUGE POWER in prayer and joint prayer!

SO let’s do it. Starting today we shall begin to pray together. If I have your number I will contact you and arrange a time where we can pray together, or DM me on Instagram @destinyjoelivia | email me :destinymalcolmmusic@gmail.com or text me and let’s make contact! Make use of a prayer partner or if you don’t have one, I will be yours! 🙂 

Let’s watch God move!

dest x

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#StandingonPromises|W2: Your Thoughts Established.

Welcome back to the series #standingonpromises. This week I fancied writing a post rather than filming. Plus I was away from home last week, but here it is! Week 2. 

Today I bring you the promise found in Proverbs 16:3 

Commit your WORKS to the Lord and He WILL ESTABLISH your thoughts.

Following on from last week’s video, I want to touch on our plans/our purposes and how they are to be fulfilled by God. I think the Spirit is onto something here because these are the promises that keep coming up! Let’s look at the break down of this text:

When you commit to something, you pledge, devote, dedicate, give to that something or someone. But what exactly are we committing? What are these works we are to commit to the Lord?

We know from last week’s promise (Philippians 1:6) if you have a work, a purpose, a thing in your heart that God has put there, you can and must commit this daily to God. For He is the one what will complete it after all! However, it’s more than the thing you want Him to bless in abundance. I believe these works that God is asking us to commit, go further than God’s work or your purpose…
We can use the text in Colossians 3: 23 to gage what He wants from us

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

You see, its EVERYTHING that we do! We are to commit our works to God, which means, the work we do at school, at church, in the home, at work. The work we do for others, that we might not want to do so we mumble and complain, this is the thing that God expects us to be diligent in. He wants to create in us a spirit of readiness, of perfect doing, and a spirit that will be patience and diligent in all things, just as Jesus was on earth! That’s why Proverbs 16:3 is a promise! It’s a gift to be able to commit everything to God, and then He doubles the blessings by establishing our thoughts.

What Are Your Thoughts? 

I find, that the more we focus on God during everything we do, the more our thoughts are kingdom focused. God will not establish thoughts that are not according to His will of course, and so the more we commit every work that we do, to Him, this allows our thoughts to be fine tuned to what truly matters for God and our lives. Then, and only then will out thoughts be worthy of establishment!!

The Application for The Week


Copy of Keynotes Continued (2)Last night I had a dream that I did something so brand new to get to somewhere new. Funny thing is, I kind of climbed out of a small window and took on work that was quite challenging in the time frame I had. You know those weird dreams that don’t make sense but they link to life – this was one of them.

I think the point of the dream was that this week, I’m going to have to make moves like never before. This week I have decided I will not give up hope! I have a bad tendency to say “oh never mind, forget it. It doesn’t matter”

Is that you too?

I don’t think that attitude will get us very far. God has not given us a spirit of fear that we should fear the outcome of our boldest choices, nor should be fear the disappointment or rejection we may or may not face. Instead He has give us a sound mind that knows where to go, what to place as the highest priority, and a spirit of love, that will enable us to see the biggest picture of life- to love God and love man (including ourselves, no matter what anyone else says about us or God!)

I will let you into a secret! I’m starting a campaign, to help me advance in my music ministry, and there are a whole bag of ideas that need to come to life so that this campaign will be as fruitful as it can be. Yes God has the best plans but we must start with something, and allow God to navigate the direction. So that’s what i’m doing. I need to make calls, ask questions, do some scary things in order to lift this campaign off the ground. And so,

I will work hard and I pray harder! My thoughts WILL be established. 


I hope you feel encouraged to do the same this week. As always message me on Instagram if you want to chat more. I love hearing from you! 

Stay Blessed,

Dest x

Using Affirmations to Help with Anxiety

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Hello Lovely People!

Welcome back to another post. I’m super excited to be sharing something that is very dear to my heart. Today’s post is a short guide for using affirmations in your spiritual life.

I am a person who thinks through her fingers, which means I write EVERYTHING down to rid me of a headache. Affirmations come into play, often when I’m feeling worried or anxious about something, and i’m sure you can agree with me that words are very very powerful. Because they are so powerful, I use affirmations to affirm my unsteady heart of the promises that God has given me through His Word, or facts that I know to be true, rather than telling myself stories of lies.

A lot of the time, the anxiety we experience comes from what we feed our minds; how we perceive a situation that makes us feel a certain way. For example…

Instead of saying

“I have so much to do and i’m so behind, i’m going to flop this goal now…”

Try saying

I’ve made good progress recently, and I will continue to progress towards my goal, despite the running clock!” 

Something along those lines. You see, you’re not lying to yourself when you affirm yourself of the facts present. You don’t know the future so telling yourself stories of what might happen is not going to help. I struggle with anxiety first thing in the morning at around 7am. It’s when my brain wakes up and says


Me: *heart palpitations as i tell myself to go back to sleep because you’ve just finished a whole degree and its now time for a lie in…*

I have had to start waking up, getting my journal out and writing certain affirmations down. Even before I sleep i get everything out on paper as to reduce that noise in the morning.

See the link below: I have written out my fave affirmations to use when i feel pressed for time and i know i just need to chill out and trust God. It’s printable! And there is a space for you to add your own at the bottom if you want to 🙂

Printable Affirmations

To pin or download right click this image


Let me know how you get on with them, take pictures of them on your wall, write your own and share on insa (tag me @destinyjoelivia) or use the hashtag #keynotesoflife 

I have uploaded a video where I talk more about the context of these particular affirmations so watch that here!

Until next time…Stay Blessed,

Dest x



Take The Rest 20/08/16 09:00am

Sometimes, routines can become overwhelming and taxing on your holistic health. Even going to church week after week can drain you, rather than invigorate you. Remember, you can’t bless others when you’re all out of fuel. You need to rest & recuperate. Today i’m taking the opportunity.


mediate in natureDon’t be afraid to step out into your local park or just your garden, and take in the beauty that speaks only of God’s love. Remind yourself of the God who is bigger than what’s bothering you right now.  Romans 1:20




You may have had a trying week. Might have done some things, said a few words that could have been different. Take time to reflect, pray and move forward with a new mind. Psalm 51:10, Philippians 2:5


bible &amp; notebook

It doesn’t take much really; just an open heart and and open mind to what God has for you that day. God’s holy word can give you answers, direction, encouragement and much more. Take time to enjoy that personal quality-quiet time with your Maker. Psalm 37:3,4

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Be Blessed,

Dest x



He’s always near – Psalm 37

Before I begin, let me just tell you how incredible God is- Hes super incredible! 

Okay, so my fave christian author wrote a very timely word for literally all of life’s worries-

Jesus is our friend; all of heaven is interested in our welfare. we should not allow the perplexities & worries of everyday life to fret the mind & cloud the brow {Ellen White Steps to Christ pg.121,122}.

It’s funny, when I think of the phrase ‘cloud the brow’ I instantly think of the headaches I get right at the front of my forehead, just above my eyebrows (usually when I’m stressed for some reason) so that my eyebrows are drawn together in a frown.

God is concerned with your well-being, your welfare, your life, & so are the occupants of heaven! This statement gave me such a shout. We actually have at least something to smile about. We don’t have to be down and out over the trials and tribulations  life throws at us full force. Why ?

Because we have hope 🙂

Hope & a strong, faithful Word that promises us deliverance, victory & most importantly, SALVATION.


PSALMS 37 Is one of my favveee passages of scripture because it just lifts my eyes, literally to my Help (God). I want to break down a few chosen verses in this chapter, with the hope that It gives you the comfort and help I received. Let’s being from verse 3:

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

Trust In The Lord:


That is, to depend upon The Lord for PROTECTION, SUPPORT & PROVISION. We have a number of promises in the Bible that should cause us to believe and trust God. We also have a number of personal and relative experiences to be able to trust God. The Bible itself here in verse 3, points us to these trust worthy promises (if not the whole bible).

And Do Good:

I did wonder why the Psalmist would add this verb do good. Think about when you may have been deep in tests & trials, Isn’t it funny how you find it difficult to still do good, in the sight of God. Or is that just me? Okay, I mean… Sometimes it’s hard to think about God and what He wants from me, when it seems like I’m lost or forgotten about :/ right?

There are types of people who, though they are pressed down on EVERY side possible, they still give & do good for others. That’s something i’d call selfless.

So far through these verses, God is saying, ‘when you are in a bad situation, go to the scriptures to remind yourself of My promises, so that you can TRUST ME for deliverance, provision, protection & support’. ‘Continue in the ways I have commanded you (Jeremiah 7:23), which is good & pleasing to me; that all my be well with you.

It is important to honor & glorify God in all seasons, and so I understand this necessary reminder to do good & trust Him.

Dwell In The Land:


I always say, “if you don’t ask- you don’t get!” & i really needed to understand the meaning behind these words, so I asked.

After reading other texts & some bible commentaries, it was brought to my attention that the said land is to represent a place of safety & refuge. In the Bible, the Israelites were promised such a land- Canaan, after being brought, by God, out of a place of bondage (Egypt) see The Book of Exodus for the experience.

When troubles come and times are hard, don’t dwell on the negative unfortunate eventsdwell on the positive. Dwell on the goodness and promises of God. Go back to the scriptures and encourage yourself! Trust in God and YOU WILL BE SAFE FROM OPPOSITION!

I want to draw out the importance of the word ‘dwell’.

  1. To abide (adhere, stick to, keep a hold of) as a permanent resident.
  2. To have habitation for some time or permanently.
  3. Keep a hold of God who is your safety & refuge! Psalm 18:2

So to “dwell in the of land” – of safety or refuge (that is, to dwell in God) is SUCH A PRIVILEGE.

——- >>>    LET’S    G E T     D W E L L I N G   !!

And feed on His faithfulness:


After understanding the term ‘dwell’ (in God), we should now be ready to take on the next instruction; to feed on His faithfulness.

When we feed ourselves we are partaking of food that is (I hope) good for us. God’s faithfulness is more than enough goodness to feed on. This verse’s simple message is to partake of the never failing, never ending, never-let-you-down-ness of God.  Faithful is something He has, is, and always will be. What He says, He does, and what He promises, will come true!

Again, let us recap the systematic order of this Psalm. We are first directed to the scriptures & personal accounts that cause us to  Trust In The Lord, not forgetting our ever obedience to Him at all times. Then we are told to Dwell In The Safety of God and feed on His definite faithfulness, which leads us to verse 4 of the chapter.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Delight Yourself in The Lord 

I love this verse. It sounds promising doesn’t it?

Be happy and joyful in the Lord and He will give me what I want, right?. 

Well, it makes sense for it to be that simple however, I need to strain this out as much as I can. I want to challenge myself.

Do I really know what this means? Am I truly ‘delighting in the Lord’ or am I playing pretend in the hope that my dear heart’s desires will be met?

The verse says ‘delight yourself in the Lord. This to me says we are to do more than just think of God as a delightful being, but rather, when we are (verse 3) abiding/dwelling in God, we are not to ignore the marvelous privilege of being all about our Father’s business.

Meaning, instead of feeling like devotion is a chore and showing compassion is such a bore, our hearts are changed (through prayer and dedication to Jesus Christ) and we love spiritual things!

We can link verse 4 to Psalm 145:19 which explains that those who fear God will have their needs met. 

It’s less of a ‘give-to-get’ situation and more of a ‘God is my all and I have all that I need’- type situation.

When we come to a place of  JOY  and  CONTENTMENT,  and have an active knowledge of the service and reverence that is due to God, I believe it is then that we are delighting ourselves in the Lord.

He Shall Give You The Desires of Your Heart.


The more our hearts are turned to God, the more our will changes- becoming more in tune with The Father’s will.  So, instead of God granting us the selfish and profitless desires of our hearts, we will be richly blessed with a more reasonable and noble granting because we desire better things. 

 Now onto the last two verses of the passage, verses 5 & 6.

Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.

Remembering everything we have previously discussed, we can more clearly understand this verse. This wonderful word which goes hand in hand with these verses:

We need to follow more closely God’s plan of life. To do our best in the work that lies nearest, to commit our ways to God, and to watch for the indications of His providence-these are rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of occupation. {Ellen White, Education pg. 267 }

White implies that when we commit (give to or roll off onto) our life and ALL IT’S AREAS to God, we are allowing Him to guide our footsteps into success and victory (Jeremiah 29:11).

We see in this passage, that when our heart is changed, we start to have new desires and thus an increased desire to obey God’s voice and follow His plan. Our eyes and ears will be opened to the signs God gives us, that point us to the right choice of life (occupation, desires, dreams ect.).

+++++++++++++++ Recap +++++++++++++++

READ the scriptures and surround yourself with positive & spiritual people – causing you to TRUST IN THE LORD AND DO GOOD

DWELL in the safety and refuge found in God. You can do this by again, reading and praying -abiding in Jesus.

FEED yourself with God’s faithfulness. Read about Him and get to know Him. Partake of the never failing, never ending, never-let-you-down-ness of God.

DELIGHT yourself in the Lord. Find that place of joy and contentment  and fear God- give Him the service and reverence He is due (delightfully 🙂 )

COMMIT absolutely all of your entire God-given life to The Father, go back to the bible and remind yourself of His trustworthy character.  He will order your steps rightly, and bless you accordingly.

Please go on and read the rest of this chapter, its amazing!!


I do not take lightly the words found in The Holy Bible. They are literally words of life! Words of promise and hope, all of which I can hold onto and never let go of.

I hope you found this breakdown very useful and maybe even learnt something you didn’t know before. I sure enjoyed writing it. It has made this small bit of Psalm 37 so much more relevant to me.

Your feedback is always welcome 😉

God Bless,

Dest x

The Charge – A dangerous prayer

I woke up this morning with a realisation of how deep our calling is.

I say our, because the preaching of the Gospel isn’t just for the Preacher, the Singer or the Outreach Coordinator, but its for us all. It’s our life’s duty- serving the Lord God Almighty. I don’t think we understand how serious our mission actually is, I certainly forget from time to time!

As time gets closer to The End of Time, I keep asking myself if i’m doing enough. It’s not because I want to work my way into heaven, no, far from it! Through faith I accept the grace of God by which I am saved. I ask myself if i’m doing enough because The Spirit of God constantly urges me to pray a certain prayer each day, a prayer I have heard some call… The Dangerous Prayer.

Dear God,

Help me to be a witness for You today please,

Thank You, Amen.

I have always said to be careful what you pray for, just in case you do receive it!

Having been woken up every single day from the first day of my life, I am too blessed to not do more about letting people know the God that I serve, the very thing they are truly missing out on.

Evangelism in an imperative feature of our Christian journey…

…It’s how we G R O W, Learn more, see more and understand more. It is how we can be ‘co-laborers with Christ’ in directing souls to God- the most noble and marvelous work ever. And I am not the most confident when it comes to randomly walking up to someone in town with a LEAFLET IN MY HAND, however, my confidence in Christ is enough to start it off (all i need in fact!).

When I look at my life and see what God has done been doing and what i believe He will do, I cant help but want to share.

The main thing i am scared of though, is rejection. I mean, nobody likes to be fobbed off or even just ignored and laughed at, but we forget that Jesus suffered many persecutions, scorns and horrible horrible experiences, still He knew that He needed to spread the Gospel of Love to a dying world and He did that for me AND for you!

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:11-12)

Here is the ultimate encouragement from Jesus himself, to those who are fearful of preaching Go Ahead! YOU ARE BLESSED. After these passages He then goes onto to say how we are the salt of the earth, the light of the world that cannot be dimmed. Friends, Jesus knows what we go through and He has given us the courage to do this in His power 🙂

You are not alone, you should talk to God about your doubts and fears concerning this calling upon your life, trust me, He will put you in places that are flooded with opportunities to witness for Him. The more you do it, the more you will see the power of the Gospel.

Afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb, being different and rejected?

Those who are employed to stand along the high street offering compensation or free insulation or just asking for your monthly donations to a charity (excuse my ignorance here), are there consistently because they believe in their cause for being there! How much more so , should we as followers of the true living God Jesus Christ, believe in the message of Hope for all?

Be confident in your faith and remember…

  1. Others around you will be motivated and inspired to join you in standing out and being more of a witness.
  2. You will have opposition, but greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world! Everlasting life with God is worth soooo much more than worldly acceptance and temporary fame.
  3. You are not alone. God is with you and He has called us all. This is why I am writing this, because I know I am not the only one who feels stuck in her ‘witness jacket’ wanting to do more for Jesus.
  4. Ask Believe & Claim the promises of God to encourage you along your journey.

I challenge both myself, and all who will read this…

To be the voice, the difference, the Christian who is true to their purpose. I challenge us both to come away from ‘home comforts’ and stand out in the world, showing who we truly worship by our entire conduct. I challenge us both to stand up for Jesus because the time of His return is near.

God Bless

Dest x

Re-charge, Re-evaluate, Re-organize.

Disclaimer: This article is subject to personal experience and therefore personal application is necessary.  I can only refer to my own life and its need for a change of direction. You may be experiencing something that you just can’t get to grips with; I hope this article will help you take that .step forward toward change, thus getting your life back on track.

By Re-charge, I mean to ‘power yourself up’ with the power available to you through JESUS CHRIST only. Consider the chosen two (of about a million other) bible promises.

  • Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through CHIRST who strengthens me”
  • Philippians 2:13 “God is the one who enables you both to want and to actually live out his good purposes” (Common English Bible)

The fact you are reading this shows that you have at least the desire to change and rearrange some things in your life, however, it is only when you ask for the Help of Heaven, can you fully receive the power to actually change.

Just like a phone battery needs charging, we do too. We can do this by prayer (and fasting and bible study), and lots of it!

  • Claim the promises of God
  • Pray without ceasing and make your requests known to God, that by believing in His ability to grant them to you; you shall receive.

I urge you, before you go about trying to make decisions for your new/different steps, consult God who already has your steps ordered!

Not sure what to say exactly?

The problem I had before I took the steps outlined in this article was that I couldn’t decide WHAT to do out of the one thousand choices I had, and I didn’t know WHEN I should do them. I had a combination of home, church and work related tasks and I was losing out on every single one because I could give my all.

When you Re-evaluate your life’s desires, priorities and goals, you should find that there becomes a clearer ranking of ‘to-do’s’.  Why not go back to the drawing board?

What I do is make a list (I love lists) of:-

  • What I usually do on an average day (e.g. Cook, browse social media, uni etc.)
  • Decide what I honestly need and what I want to do from that list (I need food, I don’t need to spend 3 hours scrolling my Instagram)
  • Add on ‘any other business’ (Attend a one off meeting or time for one off activities)
  • After this list is made, probably looking like a messy but organised map of my life, I can then judge what I need to reduce, delete and re-arrange. This is why it is so important to pray about your decisions because there may be certain things God needs you to delete but you only decide to reduce; in my experience this has only caused a swift and easy fall-back.

It’s all about your priorities.  Consider your list, or however you choose to practically view the areas in your life, and ask God for help!

Re-arrange: I was very worried about putting my physical health and spiritual life at risk just because I chose not to do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’. This is what I mean by re-arranging.

Once you have re-considered your priorities, you can then take ACTION. You have the strength and ability to do so- so do!

  • Grab your bin bags- to throw away what you decided to delete
  • Have your storage boxes ready- for those things in your life that may be a priority, but are not too high on your everyday ‘to-do’ list)
  • Start (in some cases, continue) – Those tasks you know you need to get done.  Focus on that and do it well!

If like me, you can become easily stressed out; doing something like this will reduce that headache as your life becomes more and more organised. Even if you don’t always come to solution in your timing, the fact that you are half way there will usually take away some of the stress you may be feeling. Also, writing things down is sometimes the best way to get to grips with your life. Trust me. It works wonders!

I really hope you found this useful. Remember, we are not all the same so you can take points from this article and apply them accordingly. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for what you can learn during the process.

Amy Sheppard’s short message on recovery and balance :This is something that helped me.Take a look! https://www.audioverse.org/english/sermons/recordings/2951/recovery-plan-balance-and-rest.html

Happy Sorting.

May God bless your entire life!

How Can I Be Holy ?

 Often these questions are asked, and for a while I have always thought to answer them with;

“Just pray that you can be like Jesus. It’s that simple!”

Wanting to be like Jesus is okay, but we must understand HOW we are to go about being holy, like Jesus. Only then can we accept all that is required of us without feeling burdened and discouraged because we are ‘never good enough’.

In 1 Peter 1:15 it says “But as He who called you is holy, also be holy in all your conduct.”

Number 1: Always remember, God never asks anything of us without providing the means to do it.

Surely there is something that He has provided for us, that we might be holy in all our conduct.

That something is His grace.

Grace is…

  1. The unmerited love and favour of God
  2. The influence of the Spirit, in renewing the heart and restraining from sin (Webster, 1828)
  3. Romans 5:17– Christ giving His life for us
  4. Romans 11: 6– You cannot work for it– A gift

 Consider this quote from the book ‘Christ’s object lessons’ p.102,

“The grace of Christ is to control the temper and the voice. Its working will be seen in politeness and tender regard shown by brother for brother, in kind, encouraging words.”

The author has listed a few properties that can be associated with a holy conduct; a controlled temper and voice, politeness and a tender regard for man. However the writer does not leave us with these properties alone, she adds the grace of Christ as to actuate these properties in our lives.

In light of grace being Christ’s free gift to us (giving His life for you and me),  let us see if we can apply this meaning to our God-given command to be holy in all our conduct.

 The Spirit of God influences us to act in a certain way which is pleasing to God (renewing the heart and restraining from sin).  The power of Christ’s free gift compels us to be holy in all our conduct; therefore,  grace is the  only means which is provided for us, by God,  to carry out God’s command in 1 Peter 1:15.

Grace is something that we cannot work for, but something that is received freely.  Claim the promise in Mark 11:24– when we believe in what we might receive from God, we WILL receive it!

God is not slack concerning His promises. I believe in the power of His grace (the influence of the Spirit, in renewing my heart and restraining me from sin) to calm my temper and allow my tongue to speak encouragement, thus being holy in all my conduct.

Seek God daily through His word.hat He will to you. The Holy Spirit is amazing at bringing things into light.

*challenge*  study the scriptures and experience through the inspired word, the theme of grace and its meaning for you personally.