#StandingonPromises|W2: Your Thoughts Established.

Welcome back to the series #standingonpromises. This week I fancied writing a post rather than filming. Plus I was away from home last week, but here it is! Week 2. 

Today I bring you the promise found in Proverbs 16:3 

Commit your WORKS to the Lord and He WILL ESTABLISH your thoughts.

Following on from last week’s video, I want to touch on our plans/our purposes and how they are to be fulfilled by God. I think the Spirit is onto something here because these are the promises that keep coming up! Let’s look at the break down of this text:

When you commit to something, you pledge, devote, dedicate, give to that something or someone. But what exactly are we committing? What are these works we are to commit to the Lord?

We know from last week’s promise (Philippians 1:6) if you have a work, a purpose, a thing in your heart that God has put there, you can and must commit this daily to God. For He is the one what will complete it after all! However, it’s more than the thing you want Him to bless in abundance. I believe these works that God is asking us to commit, go further than God’s work or your purpose…
We can use the text in Colossians 3: 23 to gage what He wants from us

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

You see, its EVERYTHING that we do! We are to commit our works to God, which means, the work we do at school, at church, in the home, at work. The work we do for others, that we might not want to do so we mumble and complain, this is the thing that God expects us to be diligent in. He wants to create in us a spirit of readiness, of perfect doing, and a spirit that will be patience and diligent in all things, just as Jesus was on earth! That’s why Proverbs 16:3 is a promise! It’s a gift to be able to commit everything to God, and then He doubles the blessings by establishing our thoughts.

What Are Your Thoughts? 

I find, that the more we focus on God during everything we do, the more our thoughts are kingdom focused. God will not establish thoughts that are not according to His will of course, and so the more we commit every work that we do, to Him, this allows our thoughts to be fine tuned to what truly matters for God and our lives. Then, and only then will out thoughts be worthy of establishment!!

The Application for The Week


Copy of Keynotes Continued (2)Last night I had a dream that I did something so brand new to get to somewhere new. Funny thing is, I kind of climbed out of a small window and took on work that was quite challenging in the time frame I had. You know those weird dreams that don’t make sense but they link to life – this was one of them.

I think the point of the dream was that this week, I’m going to have to make moves like never before. This week I have decided I will not give up hope! I have a bad tendency to say “oh never mind, forget it. It doesn’t matter”

Is that you too?

I don’t think that attitude will get us very far. God has not given us a spirit of fear that we should fear the outcome of our boldest choices, nor should be fear the disappointment or rejection we may or may not face. Instead He has give us a sound mind that knows where to go, what to place as the highest priority, and a spirit of love, that will enable us to see the biggest picture of life- to love God and love man (including ourselves, no matter what anyone else says about us or God!)

I will let you into a secret! I’m starting a campaign, to help me advance in my music ministry, and there are a whole bag of ideas that need to come to life so that this campaign will be as fruitful as it can be. Yes God has the best plans but we must start with something, and allow God to navigate the direction. So that’s what i’m doing. I need to make calls, ask questions, do some scary things in order to lift this campaign off the ground. And so,

I will work hard and I pray harder! My thoughts WILL be established. 


I hope you feel encouraged to do the same this week. As always message me on Instagram if you want to chat more. I love hearing from you! 

Stay Blessed,

Dest x


Using Affirmations to Help with Anxiety

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Hello Lovely People!

Welcome back to another post. I’m super excited to be sharing something that is very dear to my heart. Today’s post is a short guide for using affirmations in your spiritual life.

I am a person who thinks through her fingers, which means I write EVERYTHING down to rid me of a headache. Affirmations come into play, often when I’m feeling worried or anxious about something, and i’m sure you can agree with me that words are very very powerful. Because they are so powerful, I use affirmations to affirm my unsteady heart of the promises that God has given me through His Word, or facts that I know to be true, rather than telling myself stories of lies.

A lot of the time, the anxiety we experience comes from what we feed our minds; how we perceive a situation that makes us feel a certain way. For example…

Instead of saying

“I have so much to do and i’m so behind, i’m going to flop this goal now…”

Try saying

I’ve made good progress recently, and I will continue to progress towards my goal, despite the running clock!” 

Something along those lines. You see, you’re not lying to yourself when you affirm yourself of the facts present. You don’t know the future so telling yourself stories of what might happen is not going to help. I struggle with anxiety first thing in the morning at around 7am. It’s when my brain wakes up and says


Me: *heart palpitations as i tell myself to go back to sleep because you’ve just finished a whole degree and its now time for a lie in…*

I have had to start waking up, getting my journal out and writing certain affirmations down. Even before I sleep i get everything out on paper as to reduce that noise in the morning.

See the link below: I have written out my fave affirmations to use when i feel pressed for time and i know i just need to chill out and trust God. It’s printable! And there is a space for you to add your own at the bottom if you want to 🙂

Printable Affirmations

To pin or download right click this image


Let me know how you get on with them, take pictures of them on your wall, write your own and share on insa (tag me @destinyjoelivia) or use the hashtag #keynotesoflife 

I have uploaded a video where I talk more about the context of these particular affirmations so watch that here!

Until next time…Stay Blessed,

Dest x



A Binding Word For A Broken World

It is no coincidence that life’s tragedies come around more frequently than ever, with almost no time to heal from the last hurt. Still, it’s shocking when we see it on the news, and the photos on the TL, and the loss of hope in the world’s eyes. I’m sorry.

In a time like this, what can we say? Sometimes, words are not enough! But sometimes, there are words that might some up the pictures… This song has been the very sentiments of my heart recently. This song, I believe is about humanity, the world at large and how it interacts with life’s happenings. Here are some reasons why I chose to share it.

7.pngIt’s simple, yet effective. The verses tell only a few stories of our reality, yet they seem to paint a picture of it all, at least for me anyway. The minimal music and the pauses in between the lines, add something- a silence that speaks louder than any voice could.

It’s relevant. After hearing of the fire in London, I asked my friend (who lives close by) if he was okay. (He was okay) He was telling me how much he loves his community because of how they pull together. “Strong community” he called it, and that’s what we’ve been seeing! People doing and giving all they can and more, its unity. No matter what  race, gender, difference, we unite to help.

6.pngIt’s reflective. Everyone would like to think they are loving, kind and selfless- I know I do! Yet, our actions are sometimes so far from it. And so, the rhetorical question will we be, who we’ve always said we are? Causes us to think about our lives. Yes it relates to the lost lives and evil doing, yet this question can apply to our our daily living. The amount of time we spend with family while they are still here, the friends we decided to visit when we had the time, the times you MAKE time- for your own wellness as well as your relationships!

I love how this song speaks of the good/unity that we are capable of!

It also reminds me that God sees, and His heart also breaks. Your prayers are not in vein!


The fact that I am broken when you are broken, tells us that we are not indifferent to the injustice, the evil doing and the hate in our world. For that we should be grateful. It’s this that moves us to action…


Yes, there will still be pain, heartache and evil, but there will always be love, community and hope! This post is for the world, letting you know that your heart will see brighter days. But for now, we are with you, thinking, praying, acting… because that’s all we can do.

Much Love,

Dest x

Take The Rest 20/08/16 09:00am

Sometimes, routines can become overwhelming and taxing on your holistic health. Even going to church week after week can drain you, rather than invigorate you. Remember, you can’t bless others when you’re all out of fuel. You need to rest & recuperate. Today i’m taking the opportunity.


mediate in natureDon’t be afraid to step out into your local park or just your garden, and take in the beauty that speaks only of God’s love. Remind yourself of the God who is bigger than what’s bothering you right now.  Romans 1:20




You may have had a trying week. Might have done some things, said a few words that could have been different. Take time to reflect, pray and move forward with a new mind. Psalm 51:10, Philippians 2:5


bible &amp; notebook

It doesn’t take much really; just an open heart and and open mind to what God has for you that day. God’s holy word can give you answers, direction, encouragement and much more. Take time to enjoy that personal quality-quiet time with your Maker. Psalm 37:3,4

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Be Blessed,

Dest x



3 Things You Should Know This Sunday (Productivity)

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Productivity is something we long to successfully achieve on a daily basis. I hate the feeling of something taking super long to get done, and half way through I might have lost motivation anyways!   If, like me, you like to keep organised and on top of your game, SUNDAYS are the perfect opportunity to do so! Get that to do list written, and those priorities ordered and away we go…


We can’t always start with the best equipment, the nicest outfits, the most knowledge or the most perfect ideas. Sometimes, it takes more drive to make “something out of nothing” until that something is made better! I like to tell myself this each day before I begin to complain about not having the best DLSR camera for my YouTube channel. It’s the little things in life that we must learn to appreciate and take advantage of. That’s how we become the best at what lies nearest to us. When you have mastered that, and it’s your time, move on up baby!


You may be experiencing a major set back, or just a period of “baadd dayyss”, and it’s okay. We bounce back! Try to refocus your mind and remembering why you started in the first place. You can do this by

  • Going For A Walk, clearing your head space with fresh (ish) air and natural sunlight always reboots the system.
  • Going Back To The Drawing Board, look at the goal, your intentions and remind yourself of why you need do be productive. Maybe even rewrite a few strategies and try new ways of keep yourself on track.
  • Surrounding Yourself With GOOD Friends. You may know people who don’t really understand your drive, and won’t do much motivating but rather questions you and put you off your grind. You need those friends that will lift you up and challenge you to do well, whilst helping you help yourself! #ganggoals !


Don’t be afraid to go after something because you fear you have ‘missed the boat’. It’s not always about how old or young you are but rather, how can you be a boss at it? I know a few students who are discouraged now and again when they encounter other professionals at their age or younger. They feel like they should be there already. If that’s you, think about it this way:

  • Think about all you have done in your life up until this point. Be grateful for your experiences and use what you can to your advantage!
  • Who knows what tomorrow holds? I don’t know and I’m not sure you do either, so if I were you, I’d just live! Live to never regret! You don’t know until you try 🙂
  • If others can do it, then so can you! We all have the capacity to achieve and go beyond what we are comfortable with, it’s usually just our personal fears that hold us back.

My Book%2FBlog art work (1)


Challenge: Set yourself a daily reminder (or a few during each day) to be grateful for something that day. Use it to motivate you to work hard and stay positive. I’m doing it too 😉

(Let me know if you want some specifics regarding productivity, and anything else related. I’d love to help!)

Dest x

3 Lessons I’ve Learnt This Week – 13/05

IMG_8021This week I completed my 2nd year of Uni, and I’m more excited than ever, for what this summer break holds. Of course, I made myself a to-do list to kick start my break, and found myself noting down the many personal deadlines I had to meet! It was like I had left Uni and gone into a full time job! Hopefully next week I will be less disorientated and able to spend my time effectively. Its a struggle we all face! 

A lot has happened over this week. I received some assignment grades back, I started a placement, got a really cool gig offer for the summer, planned to revive my music YouTube channel, it was all going on. Amid all of this, I have learnt some super valuable lessons which I would like to share :




The assignment grades I received this week, were not my greatest. Yes I was upset, outraged and very eager to discuss them with my tutor. However your initial emotions will never help the situation at hand. Take a deep breath and remember who you are, what you stand for and what you could potentially be putting at risk. It could be your reputation, your job, your relationship. Don’t react to a negative situation in a negative way, keep your cool and find the voice of reason. (*A detailed post on Receiving Negative Feedback from uni-coming soon!)



bloging .jpg

 …But why not do it with your eyes open!? I mentioned I started to revamp my Youtube channel again, finally. It has taken me years to get motivated again but I have learnt so much about myself in the mean time. I also learnt more about my ministry and why I actually want to use Youtube as part of my music journey-for that I am grateful. Dreaming with your eyes open is more than just “daydreaming”, it is actually being proactive and staying motivated enough to drive your dreams into action. There is so much online that can help you start, but you have to start somewhereGet a journal, write ideas down, do your research and ask questions- make it happen! (*A detailed post on Finding The Motivation to Kick Start Your Dreams -coming soon!)




I apologise, my inner-teacher slipped out there! 😉 It’s true though, I challenge you to sit still for a moment, not thinking about what you’re going to eat or wear or watch… Just relax! I have started taking my personal faith much more seriously and I am much more calmer for it. Some people are meditating twice a day and some more! I personally make it a habit to just pray more and reflect upon God’s goodness more. Speaking to God as a friend like He invites to, is much more beneficial than artificial. I encourage you to read Mark 5:1-20, Luke 10:38-42 where you will find there is something about the act of sitting and listening -Not doing anything but allowing God to speak to your heart. I believe there is rebooting, re-energising, reviving power at the feet of Jesus. (*A detailed post on The Art of Being Still-coming soon!)

~ To be still and know that God is God, is to sit at the feet of Jesus ~

*Follow this blog so you don’t miss what’s coming up soon! I’m excited 🙂


Dest x

Summer Indoors? (winter woes)


I don’t think I have what they call S A D (seasonal affective disorder) but I do get quite low in mood and health in the winter, it’s natural! As the time passes, and Feb kicks in, it begins to brighten up a bit and so does my mood. Nevertheless I have to maintain a few key lifestyle tips to ensure I don’t go into SERIOUS MOODY HIBERNATION MODE because of the LACK of sunlight and heat.

Here are a few tips.


Vitamin D supplements – I usually take the BetterYou Dlux 3000 Vitamin Oral Spray and 1 spray a day really helped me during december/jan times. I was prescribed a stronger dosage of tablets from the doctor, but I am terrible at keeping up with pills and the liquid suited me much better. DO SEE YOUR GP to check if you have a deficiency as you may need a particular dosage.


Exercise Daily – I cycle to get to uni and although I live at the bottom of a thousand hills, I don’t regret getting my bike. It’s a babe with a basket at the front and a bag rack at the back. It’s no walk in the park! I do about 60-70 mins of exercise mon-fri and on the weekend it depends on how much walking I do. Walking. Gym. Cycling.  They all contribute to your daily exercises. Keep fit guys, it will boost your immune system, ensure your body and its functions are A-Okay and it will KEEP YOU WARM when its freezing.


Eat Right | Sleep Right – We all know that we should sleep about 7 or something hours each night, and all that 5-a-day stuff. I wont go into detail. Just make sure you’re getting enough sleep guys! I need a maximum of 9 hours in the heart of Winter.  Also, your eating habits go hand in hand with sleep. The more balanced your diet it the better, and so taking necessary physical rest gives your body the perfect conditions to absorb, prevent and fix etc. all that needs to be, in your body.

friends#Doing What You Love – This is really important. Imagine being cold all the time, stressed from uni/work or school, you body is feeling sad because it’s lacking that boost from vitamins and exercise, not doing something fun often enough will make things 10 times worse! Treat yourself to your fave snacks, (I have recently allowed myself to eat sweets again because I do love a nice love heart xD) or chill with those you love more often than usual. Spend some time looking after yourself emotionally. It will lift your mood and pick others up around you too. Spread the happiness 🙂

How to get the summer feeling in feb.jpg

When the sun FINALLY begins to make its glorious daily appearance again, this is when you should totally take advantage. I PRAY FOR GOD TO LET THE SUN SHINE (He knows just how happy it makes me!)

if you are at uni right now, and you need to press on with those assignment, this is what I do to combat the winter blues during study time.

> Choose an available spot with the most natural light. Open the blinds fully and the windows slightly ( I’m a serious advocate for fresh air!)

> If there is no natural sunlight, you can get yourself a SAD lamp that are specifically for though who suffer. I always have my light on, no darkness will get me down!

> I turn my heating up to a desired temp, enough for me to feel warm but not too hot that I can’t be productive.

> Depending on the setting and whether your heating bills are inclusive (#teamallincl) you may want to put an extra layer on so that you feel warm even if your heating isn’t on blast. Otherwise, I usually chill in a T-shirt and shorts if I’m feeling Super Summery.

> Blast some tunes! (lol) Whatever your work conducive playlist, keep it summery and positive. You want, at all costs, to combat the negative – grey- British- cold- vibes that Winter can throw at you.


I hope this post has inspired you to be more positive. Remember,  fake it till you make it 😉

Dest x

3 Lessons I’ve learnt (this week)

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Although the week isn’t over yet, I felt like this evening would be a good time to share a few key lessons from my week so far. So, here they are!


Untitled drawing


When I am working on a project, whether it be for uni or music, and I really anticipate the end result for a long time, I can often become anxious. Of course, you want that thing to go well right? You worked long/hard enough on it! True, though this expectation caused me to be too hard on myself when something went wrong 😦

Two friends reminded me this week that it’s okay…

Don’t Panic | Learn and Correct (if possible) | Do a GREATER job next time round! 

(give yourself some credit, please) 🙂




While it may be good that you plan to achieve loads in one day, remember you are human!

You simply cannot go to ASDA, write 2500 wrds, cook a 5 course meal for bae and  friends, and have time to ‘do you’ all in the space of an hour or so. 

At least, I certainly can’t!!

It’s an exaggeration but you get my point; PACE YOURSELF because quality is often better than quantity. 

and nobody likes burnt food :/



(Testimony Time) All week I’ve had specific questions for God and to get answers, I really needed to

STOP | SIT | and |SPEND TIME WITH GOD| in His word.

Even though it was half term, I found myself super busy with assignments and my re branding stuff (follow my Instagram so see!). So as much as I didn’t want it to,  God-time was pushed to the edges of my day. Until I became a little overwhelmed (as you do) by the pace my week was going.

That’s when I forced myself to stop and just LISTEN to God give me those answers I was looking for. I read, I listened and I felt so much better because of God’s deliverance from a cray cray week. 🙂

** What I Listen To Plug  >>Francesca Battistelli – When The Crazy Kicks In**

I know the demands of life can be real heavy sometimes, but exercise that little faith you have and  GIVE GOD YOUR TIME.  

Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed RESTFUL Sabbath 

Stay Blessed, love dest x

How To Prevent ‘Seasonal Shopping Disorder’ @ Uni


This post is 100% needed for my life & I’m pretty sure there are some people who could do with a few tips. Over Spending at Uni can be such a challenge, even if you don’t think you have the money. It happens. It can almost become like a hobby! That’s kind of scary really.

I hope you all find these few tips super useful & remember, this will only work if you want it to! 


  1. PRAY: I talk to God literally about everything, so this is something I am not going to omit from my prayers, especially because God wants us to be wise with the money He has provided for us. Tell God about your situation and ask Him for self control power. [ 1 Corinthians 10:13  you will not be tempted beyond what you can bare, and there is always an escape anyways! ] Trust me guys, for some it really is that deep 🙂

vision board

2. WRITE out your LONG-TERM GOALS & mount them on your bedroom wall (and anywhere else you might want to see them). This is really to remind you of a better cause for your money. When you think (or don’t think) about spending off your money, you can be reminded of that holiday or that special thing you should be saving up for 😉


3. STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOPS/MALLS etc. While there may be nothing more pleasing than to walk amid the s a l e  signs and discounted goods, you ought to keep yourself busy so that you don’t find yourself spending unnecessarily (& no babe, those shoes don’t qualify).  Do your assignments, read your books, play an instrument, cook… Anything other than shopping.

oh no

4. UNSUBSCRIBE from the 370 companies you have pledged your loyalty to, or at least shown your interest in. I had this problem in 1st year, they make sure they email you all of the time so that you don’t ‘miss out’ on the best of deals. Really and truly, it wont hurt you and spending £0.00 is much cheaper than getting 25% off a fully priced item! (Remember your long-term goals) Oh and don’t feel bad about not helping them out by only having a browsekeep away as much as possible. 


5. PLAN ALWAYS. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET – get help if you find it a bit tricky to map out all of your finances! write shopping lists. create daily routines. get your life in order of honest priority (do this with prayer x) When you know what you need, and your day is planned well, you will have less time to buy buy buy. Stick to your word.

Happy Spending (wisely) & Have a fab time studying !

Stay Blessed,

Dest x

The Worry Zone -No Time To Worry

no entry

When finances, accommodation, grades, family issues & personal struggles fill up our ‘worry zone’, it smokes up the hall way leading to heaven- where God is able to soothe our troubled minds. It becomes much harder to pray without doubt and fear.

This morning I found a solution. It’s in the simple heroic words of Jesus..

Cast all of your cares upon Him, because He cares for you! (1 Peter 5:7)

In my worry zone there is very little room (there is still some room) for trust in God. I have access to all of the promises from His word, and all of the testimonies of “won’t He will!?”, but I just can’t seem to fully let go of the situations and give them into the hands of my Creator. For this I am discouraged. He is supposed to be my E V E R Y T H I N G but I can’t even pray without a small feeling of doubt! 😦

The good news is, I am not alone.

God will draw near to me when I cry out to Him, saying, “Lord! Help me to TRUST you more!”

And He will help.

I like working methodically, and in order, and I believe God knows that too.

When I :

  1. Cast all of my cares on Him (because He says to, and He also cares)
  2. LEAVE THEM THERE! Ha! You see there is a difference, between ‘casting upon’ and ‘sharing with’. Please understand this.
  3. I can now move with wisdom and peace, knowing that God is guiding me into a mindset where I can still face those worrying situations, but with a different motive.

Instead of me trying with all my might and failing miserably, I can now begin productivity- with a motive that God doesn’t want me to be idle, nor does He want me to forget that God is in control and that He has heard my cry for help.

It may not be easy, I know, but neither is it impossible. Use that Godly wisdom & go to Him about your problems, after which He will give you answers! Seek Him daily (all day and every day) & He will reveal things to you that you’ll find help your very situation to the ‘t’.

green door

He may not drop miracles at your door after knocking and running off…

2015-05-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-light-bulb-lighting (1)

Though He may give you an idea which you will have to pursue and work at (helping you help yourself as some may see it).

. . .  . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

God loves you! ‘Worry’ is not in His vocab when it comes to how His children should be feeling. And with that thought, I really do hope you can find His peace in all of your situations. x

“Come near to God, and He will come near to you” James 4:8 x

Stay Blessed,

Dest x