Daily Motivation from a postcard in Spain

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#StandingonPromises|W2: Your Thoughts Established.

God has not given us a spirit of fear that we should fear the outcome of our boldest choices. Find out how God will establish your plans for this week!

Hello Lovely People! Welcome back to another post. I'm super excited to be sharing something that is very dear to my heart. Today's post is a short guide for using affirmations in your spiritual life. I am a person who thinks through her fingers, which means I write EVERYTHING down to rid me of a... Continue Reading →

A Binding Word For A Broken World

https://youtu.be/T0Du0fTWErs It is no coincidence that life's tragedies come around more frequently than ever, with almost no time to heal from the last hurt. Still, it's shocking when we see it on the news, and the photos on the TL, and the loss of hope in the world's eyes. I'm sorry. In a time like... Continue Reading →

3 Lessons I’ve Learnt This Week – 13/05

A lot has happened over this week. I received some assignment grades back, I started a placement, got a really cool gig offer for the summer, planned to revive my music YouTube channel, it was all going on. Amid all of this, I have learnt some super valuable lessons which I would like to share...

Summer Indoors? (winter woes)

I don't think I have what they call S A D (seasonal affective disorder) but I do get quite low in mood and health in the winter, it's natural! As the time passes, and Feb kicks in, it begins to brighten up a bit and so does my mood. Nevertheless I have to maintain a... Continue Reading →

3 Lessons I’ve learnt (this week)

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/14802023/?claim=xxar7dygknr">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>   Although the week isn't over yet, I felt like this evening would be a good time to share a few key lessons from my week so far. So, here they are!     1. ITS TOTALLY OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES When I am working on a project, whether it... Continue Reading →


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