A Binding Word For A Broken World

It is no coincidence that life’s tragedies come around more frequently than ever, with almost no time to heal from the last hurt. Still, it’s shocking when we see it on the news, and the photos on the TL, and the loss of hope in the world’s eyes. I’m sorry.

In a time like this, what can we say? Sometimes, words are not enough! But sometimes, there are words that might some up the pictures… This song has been the very sentiments of my heart recently. This song, I believe is about humanity, the world at large and how it interacts with life’s happenings. Here are some reasons why I chose to share it.

7.pngIt’s simple, yet effective. The verses tell only a few stories of our reality, yet they seem to paint a picture of it all, at least for me anyway. The minimal music and the pauses in between the lines, add something- a silence that speaks louder than any voice could.

It’s relevant. After hearing of the fire in London, I asked my friend (who lives close by) if he was okay. (He was okay) He was telling me how much he loves his community because of how they pull together. “Strong community” he called it, and that’s what we’ve been seeing! People doing and giving all they can and more, its unity. No matter what  race, gender, difference, we unite to help.

6.pngIt’s reflective. Everyone would like to think they are loving, kind and selfless- I know I do! Yet, our actions are sometimes so far from it. And so, the rhetorical question will we be, who we’ve always said we are? Causes us to think about our lives. Yes it relates to the lost lives and evil doing, yet this question can apply to our our daily living. The amount of time we spend with family while they are still here, the friends we decided to visit when we had the time, the times you MAKE time- for your own wellness as well as your relationships!

I love how this song speaks of the good/unity that we are capable of!

It also reminds me that God sees, and His heart also breaks. Your prayers are not in vein!


The fact that I am broken when you are broken, tells us that we are not indifferent to the injustice, the evil doing and the hate in our world. For that we should be grateful. It’s this that moves us to action…


Yes, there will still be pain, heartache and evil, but there will always be love, community and hope! This post is for the world, letting you know that your heart will see brighter days. But for now, we are with you, thinking, praying, acting… because that’s all we can do.

Much Love,

Dest x

Friday Music Round Up: Top 5 – Hillsong United

Hey Guys,

Since I’ve been tuning into Hillsong United TV ALL WEEK, I want to share with you the 5 most played music videos (plus a bonus #newdiscovery). They were not hard to choose, but to chart them, they were not so easy. They are all amazing and I love them either for the video production, lyrics, music performance or just the whole lot! Hope you’re blessed and don’t forget to come back next week for another music round up. I launch the Friday top chart fortnightly on my Facebook  page DESTINY MALCOLM MUSIC· 

#5: “What A Beautiful Name”

I played this song everyday this week I think, just so I could proclaim the AWESOMENESS of JESUS at the top of my lungs. One of the perks of being a loner right ;). 

Fave Lyric: “You have no rival, You have no equal, now and forever God you reign!”

#4: “Empires”

I also watched the Hillsong Movie [Let Hope Rise] this week, which you can buy digitally (yay) and I loved seeing the work that was put into the lyrics of this song. They work so hard to bring light to the realness of their experience with God. Metaphors are mad!

Fave Lyrics: “We are…silhouettes and reflections, caught in His holy flame”. “This is love, bending skies to heal the broken, this is love, bleeding life into the grave.” – okay the whole song is filled with greatness.

#3: “Behold (Then Sings My Soul)”

A sort of adaptation of How Great Thou Art, again the lyrics are beautiful. I particularly love the music though, the chords, the live sound, it makes me want to be there, worshipping with them! Its a lovely go-to worship song from Hillsong.

Fave lyric: “The things of earth stand next to Him, like a candle to the sun” – Beautiful!

#2 “Oceans (Where feet may fail)”

I had to place this at #2 because of the GENIUS filming. So they are on.. the sea of Galilee, which is obviously very fitting for the message of this song. Everyone who didn’t know them before, surely knows Hillsong because of “Oceans”, and what a lovely acoustic rendition. (Team Taya btw)

Fave Lyric: “Spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders.” – That’s such a bold request but mine nevertheless.

#1: “Touch The Sky”

Okay, so when this album came out, I was so excited because 1. Taya’s vocals are so crisp and 2. They really did a perfect job of filming and recording these songs, at the various key spots where Jesus walked. This song is number 1 simply because of the whole thing! The lyrics are freeing, I can pray them as my sincere prayer, they look so comfortable and zoned, up on that mountain (ratings) and the music is again, perfect. I love this whole album – a combination of some of their best songs, written, performed and captured in such an authentic way.

Fave Lyrics: “I touch the sky, when my knees hit the ground.” “I bought the world & sold my heart, You traded Heaven to have me again!”

Check out more “Live from The Land” videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?li… and be sure to listen to the whole album on Spotify – Hillsong United, Of Dirt & Grace (Live From The Land)

Bonus (New Discovery) Phil Wickham – “The Secret Place” ft. Madison Cunningham

I’ve not heard of Phil before, and listening to some of his songs I cant say that i’m a ROD listener. However, I was so zoned into this performance. The song lyrics speak to my heart VERY loudly, and Madison’s voice is, ahh! I was excited. My fave part of this song is the end of the bridge, where they invert their harmonies. Can we just appreciate how calm they were. She did this well, i’m happy I found this, and you might just see me cover it sometime ;).
Stay Blessed,
Dest x

“I was humbled this morning by the sight of my potential”

I started singing and songwriting about four years ago, around the age of 16. I was so excited by my songs and how God allowed me to write so quickly. I was at the beginning of my journey.

During the years after, I began singing in groups and choirs and eventually I kind of neglected my own thing – Big Mistake. 
I fell out of love with song writing and playing my guitar and became more interested in other artists similar to myself.

My throat then became sore because of the strain that my singing had caused, which led me to take around 3-4 months of voice rest. After those months I  went to the hospital to see what the problem actually was and was told that nothing too serious has happened, and that it could be solved with time and patience.

During my voice rest I didn’t care for practising or writing and knew it was going to be a struggle getting back to that place I was when I was 16 and excited to develop my talents. I was stuck.

However, I was humbled this morning by the sight of my potential.

I saw that in order to relight my passion, and regain my zeal for this ministry, I have to start at the beginning. Or at least a little way after!

My thing was, after not playing for so long, and not singing for a while either, I had forgotten the feeling of finding a new chord sequence and developing a new song after hours of practice and worship.

I even dared question myself whether or not this individual singing ministry thing was for me anymore. God forbid I try and convince myself that was true.

I owe God my absolute everything, withholding absolutely nothing. This includes my worship and what I can do with my musical gifts.

I am going to stop saying ‘I Can’t’, and start believing God can help me achieve my potential.

This is not just about singing or playing an instrument – it’s about giving up the fight you are in with anything that holds you back from the true will of God, anything that blocks the way between you and peace with God.

God only calls us to do something because He knows we can do it through Him. So let Him do it !

Youth Gospel Music Expo 2014: Review

One Sound Music

So One Sound were at the Youth Gospel Music Expo 2014 in Derby on the 26th April 2014, supporting Destiny Malcolm, and lots of other great talent. If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out!

The event took place at the Riverside Centre, right next to Derby County’s Pride Park stadium, and was in the format of a competition of three rounds, whittling down the artists from 8, to 6, to 3. There were 4 judges: Camelia Bran, Diana Sinclair, David Brooks and Lisanse Changwe, who gave the artists encouragement as well as constructive criticism and positive feedback.

Congratulations to the winners, Scripture Says, for their amazing performance, Jericho, which you can check out here:

Watch out for the official One Sound video coming soon – like their Facebook page as well for updates from them!


Destiny was one of the three finalists – check out her performance…

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